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Why don’t you receive the Telegram verification code?

Telegram verification code

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications, it works better than other messaging platforms in many ways and the processing steps of this app are usually really smooth. Users need to verify their phone numbers and get a code to be able to use this app. Some users on Telegram might have trouble registering and they might not receive the Telegram code via SMS. In the following, we will tell you why you don’t receive the Telegram verification code and will solve this problem.

Pay attention that this problem might be related to the internet and also there are various ways for receiving a verification code. Note that, every time you reinstall or log out of Telegram, you need to enter the verification code to use the app again.

Use a strong internet connection

Telegram sends the verification code via SMS. So if you don’t use a strong internet connection, you might have trouble with Telegram registration because nowadays we need a strong internet connection for doing anything.

To fix this problem, you can go to another area to make sure if the issue is with your internet. Also, you can use apps like OpenSignal to look for a better signal.

Use a valid number

If you don’t receive the Telegram verification code, First, you need to make sure that you’re entering your correct phone number to create a Telegram account. Some people might even use fake or temporary phone numbers to create a Telegram account. In this case, Telegram might not send the verification code to your device or might even send it to the wrong number.

Receive the code through the app or via SMS

If you’re already using Telegram and you want to sign in to your account from another device, Telegram will send a verification code in the app. Also, you can receive the code via phone call or SMS and you can even use the desktop Telegram to receive the Telegram verification code and sign in by using another device. Otherwise, you need to select Send the code as SMS to get the code from Telegram via SMS.

In this part, you need to give the necessary permissions to allow Telegram to read the call log and enter the code automatically. If it didn’t enter the code automatically, you can go to your SMS inbox and read the code.

Receive the code via phone call

If you don’t receive the Telegram verification code, Telegram allows you to get the code via phone call. If for some reason, the methods above don’t work for you, you can use this alternative method to get the

Telegram code by calling and verifying your account. After requesting the code as an SMS, the Didn’t get the code option will appear and you can select it to ask Telegram to send you the code via Phone call.

Do not press the Code Request button multiple times

Sometimes it might take some time to get the code via SMS or phone call and you need to wait. After a few seconds, you can see the Code Request button and users usually tend to press this button several times in a row to get the code faster but this might make things worse. If you can’t receive the Telegram verification code quickly, wait a while and then click on the resend Code button once if needed instead of constantly pressing it. After several attempts to get the code, you might encounter the message “Too many attempts, please try again later.


Telegram is an amazing messaging platform that millions of people use but sometimes Telegram users might face some problems. For example, users might not be able to receive the Telegram verification code. If you have the same problem, we taught you what to do in this article. If you don’t receive the Telegram verification code, you can use some tricks such as using a strong internet connection, entering your valid number, getting the code through the app, SMS, or phone number. Also, it’s essential to increase your social network’s security to prevent getting a Telegram hack and protect your identity on social media. Besides, our experts are here to help you with social media security and hacking. Contact us for more details.


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