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Who blocked me on Instagram? Here’s how to see

Who blocked me on Instagram trustsocial

Fortunately, Instagram or any social network does not notify people if they are blocked. Imagine if you received a notification from a mobile phone that you were blocked by a friend, you would experience immense shock and sadness, but sometimes it is important for me to know who blocked me on Instagram? Or what is the sign of being blocked on Instagram? What is the best way to find out it?

Well, we’re going to help you decipher this matter. Before entering into the discussion and viewing the list of people who blocked me on Instagram, it is better to clarify that we will not use any tools and applications, the reviews are manual and through Instagram itself.

Some ways to find out who blocked me on Instagram

1-Finding profiles through search

Who blocked me on Instagram? The easiest way to find out if we have been blocked on Instagram and if someone has blocked you on Instagram is looking for your Instagram profile. Search for a person’s name using Instagram search. Three things will happen:

– Whereas the page is public, if you can see its profile as well as its posts, you are not blocked. For private accounts, it can be said that if you see the profile with the message “This account is private”, everything is fine.

– If you see the profile and the number of shared posts, but it is not possible to display the posts, then know that you are definitely blocked.

– Also, if the profile does not appear in the search at all, or you have disabled or blocked the person on your page.

2-checking Profile to find out who blocked me on Instagram

For answering the question, who blocked me on Instagram? You can find out by checking the profile, when someone blocks you, Instagram does not remove the person’s old comments or tags from your profile. If their profile is not available through search, you should use these old comments to visit the person’s page. If the number of individual posts is displayed but you are not allowed to view, you are still blocked.

Who blocked me on Instagram trustsocial

3- Get help from Username Instagram

You can view Instagram profiles via the link in any browser you want. If you remember the username of the person who blocked you, replace it in the box that appears. If you try to log in, you will receive the notification “Sorry, this person has blocked you” or “This page is not available”.

If the person has deactivated their account. To confirm it, log out of your Instagram profile in the browser or open the anonymous mode and open their profile through the link. If the page is available, you are blocked, but if the profile is not reopened, the page is disabled.

4-Messages disappear when someone blocked me on Instagram

One of the signs of being blocked me on Instagram and how to find out if we are blocked on Instagram is that when chats are blocked, they are hidden for both parties. So if you suspect someone has blocked you, open direct messages; if previous conversations still exist, you are not blocked. But if you do not see the chats, it is possible that you are blocked. But still, the person may have disabled the profile, so chats are no longer displayed. To confirm this matter, you should check out the usual Instagram groups. Check a group chat, if you could see the profile of the person in the group, but his profile is not visible in other places on Instagram, you have been blocked by the person.

5-Try to follow the person again

If you can see their profile in some way, follow them by tapping the Follow button. If you are blocked, you cannot follow the person. Hitting the Follow button will not work and you will see the same button again; but if they did not block you, tapping the Follow button will cause that person to follow.

6-Check through another phone number or account

An inconvenient and hassle-free method to find out who blocked me on Instagram? Is checking through another account. If you have two Instagram accounts, open their profile from the second account, and if you only have one single profile, ask a close friend or family member to search for the profile. If your profile is open normally, it’s time to think about your bad actions and behavior that caused someone to block you. If the other person is a hacker, she/he may try Instagram hacking or social media hacking methods on your account before blocking you.

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