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Which kinds of messenger media are better?

Which kinds of messenger media are better?

Which kinds of messenger media are better?

Messenger media eases people’s communications in different positions and times and today, it became a good alternative for all of the previous methods for texting our friends, family members, and also our co-partners.

The clearest example of this truth is decreasing the volume of short message services (SMS) that have been operated as texting to your audiences.

Which kinds of messenger media are better

Online texting or sim card messaging service?

As it said, it’s been a long time that online texting and messenger media have become a trend and more than 90% of people use these online messengers to text their audiences.

Lots of advantages of messenger media are the transparent causes for their popularity. Some strong points such as:

  • Speed up texting
  • Better user performance
  • Quick delivery
  • Online messaging
  • No need for sim cards

Moreover, having various features such as video and voice calls are two more advantages of messenger media for nowadays communications. in this article you can findout Which kinds of messenger media are better, so stay with us.

Top messenger media

  1. Telegram

The popularity of Telegram messenger is clear for everyone and there’re people who do not use this messenger media for their daily texts and conversations. This is a speedy texting media with even the weakest network connection with lots of features and strong points for a better user experience.

Telegram is designed in a blue icon and circle icon and allows the users to text, send stickers, video and voice calls, voice texts, and send files and documents easily.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another popular messenger media and a strong competitor for Telegram these days. This is a kind of speedy texting messenger with features such as video and voice call, sending files and documents, voice texts, group video calls, and …

WhatsApp has a green circled text bubble icon, and features lesser than Telegram.

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  1. Hangouts

Hangouts is another popular texting application for users with a suitable graphic design for both sim cards and online messages. This media is available for both Android and IOS with features such as text and voice messages, video calls, and hundreds of stickers. Hangouts are also designed with a green text bubble icon.

  1. Skype

If you have lots of conferences with your master or boss or even the co-partner meetings, you have been worked with Skype before. This blue icon application is a good choice for video and conference calls. Also, texting and voice calls also are available in this application.

  1. Line

The line is the cutest messenger media through the mentioned ones. The cute design of this application captivates all the users to text, video calls, and send voice messages.

It has a square green icon with thousands of cute stickers. You also can post your moments in this application too.

  1. Viber

Viber includes the oldest messengers among these mentioned ones. This purple application is designed with a professional graphic and user environment. Video and voice calls are available in this media.

  1. Signal

The signal is the new and popular messenger media with more than 174.000 million downloads in the whole world. Good user experience and suitable graphic of this messenger with speedy texting delivery are the main features of this application.

  1. Wispi

You might not hear the name of this messenger media through the other ones but Wispi brings all the prominent features of a messenger for the users. It provides all similar features to other popular applications.

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  1. Google Allo

Assure Google Allo is one of the strongest, securest, and the best messengers in the whole category of these media. It’s limited in features but it provides powerful support and operation for the users.

Google Allo has a yellow and white icon.

  1. BBM

BBM is an exclusive messenger released by BlackBerry CO for the users who use BlackBerry devices. It’s a secure and speedy messenger.

The ability to share voice and video messages, canceling sent messages, sharing location and Self-Destruct conversation are the main features of this application.

  1. YzerChat

YzerChat is a free messenger media to text online with your friends in the whole world. This provides text and voice messages and also video and voice call for the users.

It’s also a secure application for your conversations.

  1. iMessenger

The Apple users surely know iMessenger and use it for different times. This is an online and offline application for IOS users to text each other.

  1. IMO

The users who use video calls surely know and installed IMO on their devices. Texting. Hundreds of stickers, and sending media to your friends are other features of this messenger.

Based on the user experience, graphics, features, and the most important thing, the speed of texting and making conversations with your audiences, you can choose these messenger media. For more details about these applications, go to other articles of trustsocial.

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