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Where is the Telegram deactivation page?

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How to guide into the telegram deactivation page and how should I delete my account on this social media? Telegram is a kind of popular and attractive social media for messaging and chatting with your friends. This is a media with lots of attractive usages and features released in different versions and updates.

If you are willing to know about the telegram deactivation page and delete your current account, do not lose this article.

What is the telegram deactivation page?

As you know, all of the social media include parts for deleting the account and creating a new one for any reason.

All of the social media include different ways to delete the account and the telegram deactivation page is the method of this app for deleting the app.

In fact, the telegram deactivation page is for deactivating the account forever with the number you have been registered for the first time.

More about telegram deactivation page

Telegram is a kind of multiple featured application for messaging, calling, and useful tricks. Telegram has been popularized in all of the countries because of high speeds in message sending, high graded video and voice calls, high graphics, useful features, and many other items. So, it has been owned more than 2 billion users during the past years.

Now, sometimes the users might want to sign out their accounts forever and create another one.

In this condition, there is a page called the telegram deactivation page which is used for this term and the users can delete their accounts forever but all of the users might not know how can delete the account.

This is an operation which need to be accurate and avoid giving your information to other persons because telegram hacking is increasing with the growth of this social media through the other applications.

How to deactivate the telegram account?

If you decided to delete your telegram account but you do not know how to do it, follow up the below items:

  1. Go to the telegram and setting and press on Telegram FAQ.
  2. You will guide to a page with lots of questions and answers which include blue phrases of the keywords that users are looking for them.
  3. You can manually search for Delete your telegram account or find it out on the first part of questions in the top section of the telegram FAQ.
  4. For a quicker way, find the questions and look for delete your telegram account and press it
  5. You will follow the section of deleting the telegram account description and other extra information. The phrase on the deactivation page is highlighted in blue color.
  6. Press on the blue phrase and go to the next page which includes a box for mobile phones. Insert your mobile phone in international format. It means you have to insert your country code before the number.
  7. A message will send from Telegram to your account with a code that you have to insert code on the button box you have been filled and press sign in.
  8. After that, the next page will load which is describing what will happen if you delete your telegram account. You should give a reason on the box and tell what is your reasons to delete your telegram account
  9. In the end, press on Delete my account and wait. It’s done and the next page is the telegram icon for start messaging.


You can register and create another account on this social media with your intended phone number or not.

What will lose if I delete my telegram account?

All of your messages, voices, calls, channels, groups, personal chats, secret chats, and all the data related to your account will lose if you want to delete your telegram account and cannot recover anymore.

So, if you decided on this operation, get a backup of your needed data and chats before doing anything.

How many accounts can I log in to telegram?

This is one of the good updates of the telegram application to register several phone numbers and manage accounts. So, by this feature, you can at least manage 10 telegram accounts with different phone numbers in the application of your phone.

We talked about the telegram deactivation page and how to delete a telegram account easily. If you want to delete your account ensure to keep your important information and data safe.

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