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WhatsApp Security Features

WhatsApp security features trustsocial

There are a lot of hackers that want to spy on users’ information on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. In order to prevent these events, there are a lot of WhatsApp security features that allow you to protect your information from being hacked. If you utilize this application for your daily conversation, it is important to find a way to keep your data totally safe. In this article, we are going to introduce some features that increase your safety on WhatsApp.

What are WhatsApp security features?

All these WhatsApp security features ensure that your account on this platform stays totally safe. As a result, your private or business conversations don’t fall into the wrong hands. WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications that people use in order to send private or business messages which other. With the help of this platform, users are able to send text messages and different media easily. Here are some security features in Whatsapp that you need to be cautious about to prevent WhatsApp hacking.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is one of the most popular WhatsApp security features that protect your information from hackers. This application is able to protect its users’ accounts using two-factor authentication or two-factor verification. After enabling this feature, you can install WhatsApp with your number in case you enter a 6-digit pin sent to your number.

If you want to enable two-factor authentication on your cell phone, you need to go to the WhatsApp application and the “Setting” part. Then, tap on the “account” option, choose the two-step verification or two-factor authentication, and tap enable. After doing this to allow these WhatsApp security features, this application asks you to enter a six-digit activation code. This activation code is sent to your number. Additionally, you can enter your email address. This option allows you to recover the code if you forget it.

WhatsApp security features trustsocial

WhatsApp security features, Disappearing messages

Disappearing messages is one of the most critical WhatsApp security features that allow you to protect your information. This platform recently announced this feature for over 2 billion uses. You can use this feature for both private and group chats. If you want to enable this feature for group chats, you need to know that only admins can apply it.

When you enable security features, your sent messages will be deleted after seven days. Additionally, you can enable this option for media files such as photos and videos. These media files will disappear after this period. It should be mentioned that the disappearing messages option will not affect text messages that were sent or received before enabling this feature.

Changing privacy settings in WhatsApp

If you are still looking for WhatsApp security features to increase your safety, you can change the privacy setting in this application. WhatsApp provides users with some features to choose who they want to share media files with. In this case, you can change your privacy setting to “Contact Only.” It means that only your contacts are able to see your profile photo, status, and phone number.

Locking WhatsApp with fingerprint or face ID

One of the newest WhatsApp security features to increase the safety of users is to lock this application. You can unlock this platform with your fingerprints or even face ID. This is a great security layer to prevent your account from being hacked. In order to enable this option, go to the account and tap on “Privacy.” Then, go to the “Screen Lock” and turn on “Require Touch ID” or “Require face ID.” After enabling this feature, you need to use your fingerprint or face ID to open WhatsApp.

Report Spam

One of the most important WhatsApp security features is identifying spam messages. In the case you receive these kinds of messages, WhatsApp advises its users to block the sender user. Then, it is better to disregard their messages and delete them.

The last word

WhatsApp security features allow you to increase your safety on this platform and protect your account from being hacked. In this article, we mentioned some important features that WhatsApp provides to its users to increase their safety. If you utilize this platform for your daily conversation or business relationships, it is better to know these options to stay safe and prevent social media hacking.

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