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WhatsApp secret chats, how to hide some chats?

Whatsap secret chats trustsocial

Secret chats are known as one of the main features of WhatsApp and this is obvious that all the users who are using this platform surely have used this feature only for one time. But inside the WhatsApp secret chats, this may be a question of other users that how to hide some chats?

Hiding some chats in WhatsApp is one of the features for secret chats and no one can know what have you talked about with your contact. In this article, we intend to talk about WhatsApp secret chats and how to hide some chats.

What are WhatsApp secret chats?

WhatsApp secret chats are one of the main features of this platform for all of the users who do not want to share it with someone else and also do not want to delete all of these chats but do not know what should you do.

If you have used WhatsApp secret chats, you surely know this is the only way to keep some chats hidden without showing them to anyone. When it comes to secret chats, we also can make conversations with the contacts you want to talk about private things.

How to hide some chats in WhatsApp?

Initially, it’s important to know that you should use the informal version of this application because the original version only can archive the chats. For using this feature on the original version do the mentioned steps:

For Android, open the application then press and hold the intended chat you want to archive, the chat will get bold and a flash box will appear on the top of the application. Press it and archive your chats.

For IOS, you only should press and hold the intended chat and choose the archive item.

For hiding come chats on the informal version of this application, you should download the latest version of GB WhastApp on your Android mobiles. After installation, choose your intended chat and press on the three-top-dots and a list will show. Choose Hide item.

If you use this feature for the first time, you should create a password for it.

How to view the hidden chats?

For reading whole messages you have been hidden, press on WhatsApp word on the top of the application. Enter the password and the whole hidden chats will be shown.

How to remove the hidden chats?

If you want to cancel the hidden chats you have been hidden, go to the hide chats and press on your intended chat. A list will be shown on the top, press on Mark chats as visible.

Whatsap secret chats trustsocial

How to hide all chats on WhatsApp?

This is also possible to hide all the chats in your WhatsApp account. It also makes the possibility to hide all private and group chats at the same time.

For this feature, follow up the below steps:

  1. Open the app and go to setting
  2. Press on chats
  3. Choose chat history
  4. Press on Archive all chats

Things to know about WhatsApp secret chats?

For many users, it may be a question that is it possible to delete all my chats when I archive or hide them or not.

These are things about hiding WhatsApp secret chats:

  • The chats won’t delete, they are only hidden and can be accessible on your mobile phone
  • The chats won’t back up in your SD card
  • If the hidden chat contact messages, the notification will show on the top of the device as the other chats

What are WhatsApp locked chats?

As archiving or hiding the chats cannot protect your messages 100%, it might show after messaging. If you want to hide the notifications, you should create a password for your application.

This is needed to use some other application on your Android and IOS smartphones. “Chatlock” is one of the most popular applications for all Android devices. For all iPhones, use “Password for WhatsApp messages” on your phone. Both of these applications can be accessed on your market and app store.

We talked about the entire ways for WhatsApp secret chats and how to hide some chats in this application. We hope you enjoy this article and use it for the private positions that you do not want to share any of your chats with other ones.

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