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Whatsapp safety tips

Whatsapp safety tips trustsocial

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps for smart devices that many cyberspace users also use this app. If you are a user of this messenger, you should take steps to further protect your security and privacy. WhatsApp has an internal encryption system by default that cannot be disabled. This system reminds you that your message will only be read by the recipient you want. Voice and video calls use the same encryption method to exchange data. But the issue of security does not end there. The greater the popularity and using a messenger, the greater the need for privacy and security of the data exchanged in it. There are other Whatsapp safety tips that you can do to increase your security and privacy.

Some Whatsapp safety tips

1- Get confirmation of encryption for sensitive conversations

Although WhatsApp encrypts all conversations by default, sometimes it is necessary for you to increase the security level even more. For example, when you want to send your bank account information to a friend, it is better to go for this method.

Initiate a conversation with your intended recipient to confirm encryption. In the dialog, tap the contact name, then select Encryption.

2-Whatsapp safety tips and Turn on security notifications

When a new number or laptop accesses an existing conversation, a new security code is generated for both phones. WhatsApp can send a notification when this security code is changed. Doing so you can check this encryption with your friend through another messenger and make sure it is secure.

To enable security notifications, go to WhatsApp> Settings> Account> Security> Show security notifications and set the button to On (Green).

3-Enable 2-step verification for Whatsapp safety tips

One of the Whatsapp safety tips is 2-step verification. Generally, any service that supports two-factor authentication, you must use it. This adds a periodic password to WhatsApp, ensuring that your data will not be accessible to others.

To enable two-step verification, go to Menu> Settings> Account> Two-step verification> Enable. Follow the instructions and create a six-digit PIN that you can remember in the future. It is very important to add your email address so that you can recover this PIN code until you forget it.

Periodic reviews of this password are random, so it does not look like locking a conversation using a password at all. The purpose of enabling two-step verification is to prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp account without your knowledge.

4- You cannot put a password on WhatsApp

Unfortunately, there is no way to lock WhatsApp with a password. WhatsApp explicitly mentions this issue and recommends that you use a third-party locking app for it on Android.

There is no way to lock WhatsApp with a password on the iPhone, and even with a password and Touch ID, Apple does not allow this matter.

5- Beware of common scams

Awareness of common scams is one of the Whatsapp safety tips that you should pay attention to it. WhatsApp is a popular chat environment and is therefore a favorite of many scammers. So you have to be very careful not to fall into their trap.

One of the most common types of scams is talking about the top versions of the app, they promise to increase the quality of service and even not expire WhatsApp account. No matter how much these compliments are, do not forget that you should only use the original and verified version of this messenger.

How to prevent WhatsApp hacking?

Certainly an application of this magnitude has a strong security team and not everyone can easily claim that they can hack WhatsApp. So in the first place to prevent Whatsapp hacking, do not take the threats of any third party seriously, but you should always follow Whatsapp safety tips for everything so as not to get into trouble. WhatsApp can only be activated on one phone, but it can also be used on another laptop or computer. So far you have noticed that you cannot have a WhatsApp account on two phones by default.

Of course, it can be done through a series of applications, and we are talking about official WhatsApp, no other applications …. One of the Whatsapp safety that you should know is downloading any application from its original reference and do not download the application from social networks in any way. Always get the main application to provide social media security. If you want to download WhatsApp for Android or iPhone, visit its official website and download.

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