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whatsapp hack online without human verification

check WhatsApp last seen if blocked

In this article, we are going to address the topic of ” whatsapp hack online without human verification” so that you can do this quickly, if necessary. There may be many ways to hack WhatsApp, but hacking this app without access to the other person’s phone is a little more complicated and not an easy task. In this article, we will provide you with a few ways to do this.

whatsapp hack online without human verification

whatsapp hack online without human verification

Hacking social media and other people’s WhatsApp can have different reasons. A mother may do this to control her child. As children and teens use WhatsApp to exchange messages, photos and multimedia, the app has become a space to attract criminals. Or someone may do this to check on their audience.

How to hack WhatsApp with iKeyMonitor without access to personal phone?

TO whatsapp hack online without human verification, download WhatsApp hack is one of the methods you can use to protect your child’s security. IKeyMonitor is a hacking tool for iOS and Android. This tool monitors the WhatsApp application by installing it on a person’s phone and taking a screenshot. You can view the WhatsApp chat list remotely without accessing the other phone via email.

Hack WhatsApp with iKeyMonitor To use the app for free, follow these three steps:

Registration: First, sign up for a free IKeyMonitor account.

Download and install: Then, to download IKeyMonitor, enter the cloud panel and install it on the other party’s phone.

You can now start remote monitoring.

IKeyMonitor WhatsApp hacking application is an advanced and excellent mobile monitoring software, you can remotely track important information of the other party’s phone, including calls, chat messages, etc.

In addition to WhatsApp tracking, this powerful app also provides information on GPS location and installed apps. It can be installed on both Android and iOS, so you can view all monitoring records remotely.

WhatsApp Hacking App Features IKeyMonitor

Monitor WhatsApp messages:

This is one of the powerful features of IKeyMonitor. You can use this monitoring app to track all WhatsApp conversations & whatsapp hack online without human verification. You can even view shared media files.

Take WhatsApp screenshots:

IKeyMonitor regularly takes screenshots of the target phone. This way, you can not only view WhatsApp chat messages, but also get someone else’s WhatsApp account and password.

Record keystrokes:

Using IKeyMonitor, it tracks all keystrokes of iOS and Android phones, including all texts pasted on WhatsApp. So you can clearly understand what is happening on a person’s phone.

whatsapp hack online without human verification

How to hack WhatsApp using WhatsApp website

WhatsApp hack another person without access to his phone and using WhatsApp website !!! Follow the steps below to do this. Open your mobile phone’s Chrome browser and go to

The first step of hacking WhatsApp: Open

Tap Settings and select “Desktop Site”.

Get barcodes from WhatsApp Web

Access the WhatsApp of the person’s phone and tap Settings, then select the WhatsApp web / desktop option.

The second step of hacking WhatsApp: select the web / desktop option

Scan the code on your phone with the other party’s phone.

WhatsApp Hack Step 3: Scan WhatsApp Web Barcode

Now you can check his WhatsApp messages without accessing the other party’s phone.

How to hack WhatsApp without accessing the phone using Spoofing method

One of the ways that WhatsApp can be hacked without access to the phone is the Spoofing method, which we will explain below.

Disable or delete WhatsApp from your phone.

The first step of hacking WhatsApp by Spoofing method: Remove WhatsApp

Get the Wi-Fi Mac address of the other party’s phone Depending on the operating system to whatsapp hack online without human verification & then you can do this in one of the following ways.

On Android, go to Settings / About Phone / Mac Wi-Fi Address.

On iPhone, go to Settings / Public / About / WiFi Address.

On your Windows Phone, go to Settings / About / More info.

The second step of hacking WhatsApp by spoofing method: Wi-Fi Mac phone of the other party

The third step of hacking WhatsApp by spoofing method: Wi-Fi Mac of the other party

Install Busy Box and Terminal Emulator from Google Play.

The fourth step of hacking WhatsApp by spoofing method: download busybox

The fifth step of hacking WhatsApp by spoofing method: download busybox

Change the Wi-Fi Mac address of your phone to the desired phone address using the Busy Box and Terminal Emulator.

Install WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the other party.

Get the verification code on your phone and then delete it.

Log in to WhatsApp with the verification code.

These three methods can help you hack WhatsApp, you can choose the most suitable method. IKeyMonitor is a powerful and useful application, so you should know that it is used for reasonable reasons.


We know that every person’s phone, even our spouse, was his or her privacy, and we should not allow ourselves to check or hack his or her WhatsApp. The WhatsApp hacking methods provided to you in this article are only for parents who are sensitive or concerned about their children.

Children often use WhatsApp to chat with other users, and you can not be sure if these users will harm your children. Therefore, it is necessary to hack WhatsApp in order to check your child’s chat list and make sure that he is not in danger.

Or if you forgot your WhatsApp account password or accidentally deleted your WhatsApp messages, you can whatsapp hack online without human verification to recover your original archive.

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