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Whatsapp business tricks

 Whatsapp business tricks trustsocial

WhatsApp is one of the applications that have special capabilities for businesses. WhatsApp has a special space that is not only suitable for certain types of marketing, but can also help you in sales and support. In this article, we will look at Whatsapp business tricks for small and medium-sized businesses that can improve your various processes and increase your sales.

Using whatsApp business application or using API?

WhatsApp offers businesses two options for commercial use of their application. A good solution for small companies is using WhatsApp business app. With this application, you can separate your work interactions from your personal life and create a business account for yourself. You will also have access to features such as quick response, tagging, and so on.

But what makes the WhatsApp business app so unsuitable for large businesses is that you can only sign in with one mobile, and you cannot provide a trading account to all your sales and marketing experts. Therefore, it is a good option for large businesses to use the API. Using the WhatsApp API provides a lot more possibilities for businesses, but doing so you need a little programming. In terms of social media security, WhatsApp hack is not possible in this application.

Some of the Whatsapp business tricks

In three sections, we will examine Whatsapp business tricks and tell you in detail how WhatsApp helps you in marketing, sales and support.

1- Using WhatsApp for marketing

One of the Whatsapp business tricks is using WhatsApp for marketing the more ways you have to connect with your audience, the better they will feel. You can use different methods to keep your memory alive in the minds of your audience. We recommend some ideas for engaging your audience through WhatsApp:

Holding a campaign

To get new phone numbers, you can run simple campaigns and ask your audience to connect with your WhatsApp account. People who message and respond to your WhatsApp account become more attached to your brand and more responsive to your future messages. You will also get their phone numbers and you can keep in touch with them.

Using the story

For example, take a short video of your office space and show it so customers become more familiar with your workplace. Or when you launch a new product, first show it on WhatsApp and specifically for your previous customers.

Forming a group and use the group send list

One of the Whatsapp business tricks is that you can form different groups and introduce your products. Also, the ability to send group messages (Broadcast), like sending email newsletters. If you make a list of your contact numbers, you can text them as a group. Just be aware that you can add 256 people to each group list. But there is no limit to the number of lists.

 Whatsapp business tricks trustsocial

2- Using WhatsApp in sales

As mentioned, WhatsApp has a more private space than other social networks or messengers. Therefore, it helps the sellers a lot in establishing the relationship with the customer. In this section, we will explain some Whatsapp business tricks in the sales department.

-Providing pre- and after-sales support

You can send a lot of information to your customers before and after the sale. For example, send them an instructional video about the product or thank them for purchasing, explain how the product is delivered or used, tell them how to provide after-sales service or support, and so on. Customers who are supported by you in this way are more willing to buy again.

Sending catalog of products

Another WhatsApp business trick is making it possible for your audience to display a catalog of your products and services. Especially small businesses that have not yet launched their website can benefit greatly from the WhatsApp business app catalogs.

3-Using WhatsApp in support

Support and after-sales service is another Whatsapp business tricks that will ease your customers’ minds and make them buy again. Create a WhatsApp account for your support department and tell customers that if they call and can’t talk to you, raise their problem through WhatsApp so you can contact them as soon as possible.

-Using automatic messaging

WhatsApp bots allow you to define a number of default messages and automatically send them to people who send messages to your account. This matter eliminates the extra burden of frequently asked questions from your support unit and makes the work of your support staff a little easier.

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