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WhatsApp Application problems that users might face

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WhatsApp Application problems – WhatsApp is an amazing messaging application with many features and this popular platform has billions of active users. Although some users might have to deal with some problems while using this application. We’ve already discussed this topic on our website and you can read more articles related to social media platforms if you’re interested. In the following, we will talk about the most common issues on WhatsApp and teach you how to fix these issues.


WhatsApp Application problems


Inability to see contacts

One of the most common WhatsApp problems is that Sometimes you might not be able to see your contacts after installing WhatsApp on your device. To fix this issue, open your WhatsApp settings, select the “Contacts” option and enable the “Show all contacts” option.


Not seeing newly added contacts

Usually, immediately after adding a new contact, you can see it on your WhatsApp contact list but if you can’t see the newly added contacts on your WhatsApp, you need to refresh it. The WhatsApp auto-update process can take a while so try to refresh WhatsApp manually. To do this, go to the “Options” section and tap on the “Refresh” option


Duplicate contacts

One of the issues that you might face while using WhatsApp is having multiple duplicate contacts on your WhatsApp. To fix this problem, go to your phone’s contacts and delete duplicate contacts. Also, you can go to the Contact Options section and use the “merge/join” option to merge two contacts into one or use an application for doing this.


Add international contacts

You need to enter the country code correctly if your number is using the code to add international contacts on your WhatsApp. Also, the person that you want to add needs to do the same.


Block contacts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp enables you to easily block the contacts that are bothering you and you don’t want them to have access to your account. To do this, go to the conversation page of the person that you want to block, click on the three-dot symbol, select the “More” option, and tap on the “Block” option.


WhatsApp conversation problems


Inability to search for words in a conversation

You can search for specific words in a conversation and find the chat related to that word on WhatsApp. But if you can’t use this feature which usually happens for devices running iOS, you can open the settings > General > Spotlight search and enable the “WhatsApp” option.


Inability to play videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to share your videos and multimedia files with your friends. However, you need other programs for opening these files. For example, if you can’t play videos on your WhatsApp, there’s probably something wrong with your Google Photos. To solve this issue, open the Play Store and Update the “Google Photos” application. Also, make sure the auto-update option is enabled so you won’t face such a problem.


Inability to load Maps on WhatsApp

One of the amazing features of WhatsApp is that you can share your location with your contacts. If you can’t load Maps on WhatsApp, you can easily solve this issue by opening your Play Store and updating the “Maps” application.


Inability to download files on WhatsApp

One of the WhatsApp problems that you might experience is the inability to download audios and videos that your contacts send you on WhatsApp. If you face such a problem, it’s probably because you’re not connected to the internet or you have a problem with your data usage. Also, note that you need to enable the media auto-download option on your device. To do this, open the WhatsApp settings, click on the “Data Usage” option and make the necessary changes.



This article was about the most common problems on WhatsApp and we tried to describe the solutions that you need for fixing these problems.

We mostly explained the existing WhatsApp problems related to contacts and conversations. You can read this article to learn more about WhatsApp and fix all of the problems that you might encounter on this application.

Also, increase your security to protect yourself from the threats in cyberspace and know that attackers can easily hack WhatsApp and steal any information. at the end we’re telling you about WhatsApp Application problems how to can you fix them.






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