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What are the most common WhatsApp problems and how can you fix them?

WhatsApp problems,whatsapp not working

WhatsApp problems – WhatsApp is one of the most wonderful instant messaging applications in the world but this platform is not flawless and you might face some problems while trying to use this app. In the following, we have listed some of the most common WhatsApp problems and the solutions for them so that you can easily deal with these flaws. We have divided these problems into different parts and by reading this article you can solve any problem that you might face on WhatsApp.


 WhatsApp installation problems


Your device is not compatible with WhatsApp

Your device might not be compatible with WhatsApp for various reasons and you might not be able to install it on your device. If you’re using an older version of Android or iOS, then probably WhatsApp doesn’t work on your phone. For example, devices running Android 2.2 and older don’t support This application.

To find out the Android or iOS version on your device, open the settings and select the About Phone feature to see if your phone’s operating system supports the WhatsApp application.


Lack of sufficient memory

If you don’t have enough space on your device, you can’t install WhatsApp. First, download WhatsApp and make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet. Then, you need to know that due to a lack of memory, this app will not be installed on your device. Open your settings and go to the Phone Storage. By going to this section, you can create enough space to install WhatsApp and run it on your device.


Not being connected to Play Store or App Store

One of the most common WhatsApp problems is that they’re unable to install WhatsApp simply because they are not connected to the Play Store or App Store. To fix this problem, you can download WhatsApp from its official website. Note that you need to enable the option of installing from unknown sources to do this. Open the settings, click on the Security option and enable the Unknown Sources option.


Not receiving activation code

When you try to install WhatsApp on your device, this application sends you a security code and you need that could to sign up. Pay attention to change the country code and enter your phone number correctly. If you don’t receive SMS, you can select the “Call me” option to get the security code.


 WhatsApp connection problems


Unsupported program

If you’re running an older version of WhatsApp on your device, it’s possible that you can’t connect to the program. To fix this problem, search for WhatsApp on the Play Store or App Store. Now you need to tap on the “Update” option to update WhatsApp and use the latest version of it.


Cache data problem

One of the most important things that you need to know is that you need to clear the cache data of WhatsApp every once in a while. An abundance of cache data can cause connection problems and stop you from connecting to WhatsApp. To fix this, open your settings, click on the App info and select the Clear Cache option.


Unreliable internet connection

You need to make sure that you’re using a reliable network connection because using an unreliable data connection can lead to connection problems. To solve this problem, open the network settings and turn off your Airplane mode in case it’s on. Also, you can use mobile data if you’re using an unreliable Wi-Fi connection.


WhatsApp does not respond

Users might sometimes encounter the unresponsiveness of WhatsApp. If you have several apps running on your phone, you might receive the “WhatsApp is not responding” pop-up by WhatsApp that stops you from using this application. To face this problem, click on the “OK” option after seeing the “WhatsApp isn’t responding” pop-up. Now go to the task manager on your device and try to close all the apps manually. If you still can’t connect to WhatsApp, then you need to install the app again.



In this article, we tried to explain the most common WhatsApp problems and how you can fix them. We talked about the installation and connection problems that users might face. Use the solutions above to solve your WhatsApp problems. Also, make sure that you care about your WhatsApp security and protect yourself from hacking WhatsApp. Besides, if you need help with hacking and social media security, our experienced team is here for you. Contact us for more details.






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