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Ways to improve WhatsApp security ; security tips

Ways to improve WhatsApp security trustsocial

Using WhatsApp, you can communicate with different people on the Internet and send them text, video and audio messages. Of course, making voice and video calls is another feature that has been provided to users in this application with high quality. Because so many users are members of this social network, it is more likely to be hacked and you may have information in your WhatsApp account whose security is important to you. All of these factors make us think about the ways to improve WhatsApp security.

Some ways to improve WhatsApp security

1: Increasing WhatsApp security using two-step verification

Perhaps the first and best way is enabling two-step verification. In this way, WhatsApp adds a new layer of security to your account, which makes it much harder or even impossible to penetrate. This feature is available in many applications, and even some services and sites use this feature, thus preventing hackers from accessing your personal information.

There is a very simple way to enable this feature in WhatsApp

Settings -> Account -> Two Step Verification

This matter will take you to a page that asks you to enter a 6-digit code and then click on the next option.

Enter an email in this field to recover the two-step verification code. If you think you will not forget your code, No need to enter your email, click on the skip option, your 2-step verification option is now enable.

2: Increasing WhatsApp security by disabling automatic addition to groups

WhatsApp provides a feature that allows users to add or remove other people as they wish. This feature can be useful for you in some cases, but after a while you will see that you have been added to unknown groups and advertising channels. You can improve this social media security by disabling automatic addition to groups, you will no longer be added to anonymous groups.

To do this case, follow the path below.

 Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Group

After selecting the group option, just click the Who Can Add Me to Groups option and then click on nobody.

Ways to improve WhatsApp security trustsocial

3: Increasing WhatsApp security by changing privacy settings

With this feature you can specify who can see your last visit, profile picture and status section. After entering the settings, select the account and then privacy and change the relevant settings to your liking.

4: Increasing WhatsApp security by activating security notifications

Whenever someone wants to connect to your WhatsApp, they must have access to your mobile phone or SIM card.

If someone wants to log in to your WhatsApp account using a SIM card, a text message will be sent to you by WhatsApp. The benefit of turning on the WhatsApp security notification is that whenever a code is creating for your account, you will receive a message similar to change security code in WhatsApp, and you can use this message to find out if someone is trying to access your account .It is very important to do this matter to improve WhatsApp security.

Settings -> Account -> Security -> Show security notifications

If you follow the above path, you can enable WhatsApp security notification.

5: Increasing WhatsApp security by preventing the sharing of personal information

to improve WhatsApp security you should always try to prevent sharing your personal information such as phone number, credit card information, address or email address with others through WhatsApp. Because no one but you should have access to this sensitive information. In addition, it is recommended that you use a VPN because it can protect your internet information. Especially when you connect to a Wi-Fi network. In addition to protecting your Internet activity, VPNs also prevent eavesdropping or intercepting information that you are receiving or sending.

6: Increasing media literacy

One of the main reasons that many people have trouble hacking is that there is no media literacy among users.

Media literacy gives us the knowledge that every click on the system or phone can lead to Whatsapp hacking, and we must be careful about our behavior and the work we do in cyberspace. For example, if you know about media literacy, do not click on any link that is sent to you on WhatsApp because you are worried about entering a specific page or downloading a specific application on your phone and you know this is dangerous.

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