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Ways of increasing your Instagram followers

increasing your Instagram followers

increasing your Instagram followers – Instagram is a great social media for expanding your business and gaining more customers. If you own a business or you want to sell your products, you must work on your Instagram page and get more Instagram followers.

We’ve already discussed this top and in this article, we’re about to give you more tips for increasing your Instagram followers. And also you need to remember to care about your safety on Instagram and protect your business.

So try to prevent Instagram hacking by keeping your account secure.


Hold Instagram contests

Many people use this method for increasing their followers and advancing their business. You need to have a long-term plan and hold continuous contests every month for this method to work. And after some time you can attract lots of real followers. Make sure to be creative about these contests and make them look interesting to your audience.


Interact with other pages

You can interact with Instagram accounts that are related to your business. You can share their content on your page and advertise their brand and they can do the same for you.

And by publishing your content on other Instagram pages, you can increase the number of your followers and find real audiences.


Advertise your brand on famous pages

Using advertisements on famous pages can be a good way for increasing your Instagram followers. By using this method, you can publish your content on a page that has lots of followers and also enables you to find your specific customers that want your product. This way you can get lots of followers especially if you do it regularly.


Use the guest posting methods

You might be familiar with the guest posting techniques in cyberspace.

In this method, you can make free content for a specific website and the owner of the website writes the name of your brand at the end of the post and introduces you as the content producer.

You can create content for different pages and ask them to include the name of your brand in the caption and easily increase your audience.


Introduce your Instagram page to other people

You can convince more people to follow you by creating a card and writing your Instagram I’d on it.

Try to find ways to give your card to your customers.

If you own a store, try giving your card to people by putting it in their shopping bag or if you have an online shop, place your card in your customers’ packages.



Randomly like your target audience images

Liking your target audience’s posts can be useful for you. Go to their page and like their photo.

Try to like a photo that looks meaningful to you.

For example, like a post of your target audience that is about digital marketing. Neil Patil uses this method and he claims that for every 100 posts that you like, you can get about 6 followers.



Create a specialized page

Having a more specialized page that creates content about a specific topic can make more people follow you. People will only follow you when they feel like they can meet their needs through your page.

For example, if people follow an entertainment page, it’s because they meet their needs of seeing funny content.

You need to show your target audience that you can answer their needs to gain more Instagram followers.


Take photos with more quality

It’s very important to use high-quality pictures on your page. It doesn’t matter what you do, quality photos will always attract more people to your page and can increase the number of your followers.

Photography is always important when it comes to convincing people to buy your products.

You need to make sure that you post photos with high quality and spend time trying to edit them.


Create videos for attracting more followers

Posting videos is an important feature of Instagram. People are more interested in watching videos and if you’re a businessman, it’s important to create videos that can capture people’s attention.

Also, you need to make your videos viral to gain more popularity on Instagram and get more followers.


Have good offers for your audience

Having different offers for your Instagram followers can help your business. People usually follow a page if they find out that the page has special discounts and offers for them and they’re not gonna follow you if you simply just ask them to follow you. You need to make people interested by having good offers for them.

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