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Ways for increasing your Instagram comments

Ways for increasing your Instagram comments

increasing your Instagram comments – We’ve already discussed this topic for you to increase your Instagram comments and in this article, we will continue the same topic.

You can use these techniques to increase the number of your Instagram comments and likes and interact more with your followers.

If you know how to communicate with the users, they can turn them into your customers and you can easily achieve your goals through Instagram.

Also, make sure that you protect your security on social media and keep your data safe.

By increasing your social media safety, you can protect your business from Instagram hacking . Besides, we are here to help you with hacking and social media security .

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Create hilarious and attractive posts

Users love funny and engaging posts and these kinds of posts can get great feedback. If the subject that you choose for your post is attractive enough, users will be persuaded to leave a comment on it.

You need to find popular topics like corona and somehow relate them to your business. By using curious topics, the users will ask their questions in the comment section, and this way you can make sure that you will get lots of comments and likes.


Create video content

One of the best things you can do for increasing the number of your Instagram comments is to create video content. Usually video content is more interesting for the users and they spend more time on it. You need to choose curious covers and add questionable descriptions to attract the users’ attention. Using video content will improve interaction with users and will increase your Instagram comments.


Try to use important and related hashtags

By using popular and relevant Instagram hashtags, you can increase the chances of being seen on the Explore page and your posts will appear if the users search for those hashtags.

This way, you can increase interaction with your followers and when they see that you’re discussing their favorite topics, they will comment on your posts. So by using this trick, you can easily increase the number of your Instagram comments.


Choose the right time for sharing your posts

One of the tricks that you can use for increasing your Instagram comments is to publish your posts at the right time. The time that you choose for sharing your posts depends on different factors but we suggest you to publish posts at different times for a week and schedule your posts based on the results that you get. Keep in mind when your followers are the most active and spend enough time every day to make your posts attractive.

For keeping track of your schedules try to use the social network content calendar and by choosing the right time for sharing your IGTV posts, posts and stories, you can increase the number of your Instagram comments.


Share posts that are related to celebrities

Sharing posts about celebrities and somehow relating them to your business can be a good strategy for increasing your likes and comments on Instagram.

This is simply because it’s easier for people to connect with posts about the famous people that they know such as singers or footballers. Research proves that posts that are related to celebrities will get you more than 40% of comments and likes.

For example, if you sell products that are related to sports, you can use Ronaldo in your posts and make sure that this way, you will have more engaging posts and as a result, you can get more followers and comments.


Ask your followers to comment on your posts

This is one of the simplest ways for increasing your comments. By creating attractive content, you can ask the users to leave a comment on your posts and if you publish engaging posts, your followers will eagerly like your posts and comment on them.

After making people attracted to the content that you publish, you can ask the users for their idea about your posts or you can even ask them a question and Ask the users to write the answer in the comment section and this way get lots of followers and having more followers, can lead to getting more Instagram comments and likes.

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