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Two practical Telegram tricks

Telegram tricks

Telegram tricks – Telegram is one of the greatest messaging platforms with millions of fans. If you’re a Telegram user, learning some Telegram tricks will definitely help you use this application easier. In the following, we will discuss two practical Telegram tricks including how to enable commenting on Telegram channels and how to convert voice to text in Telegram. Stay tuned.

How to enable commenting on Telegram channels?

Telegram is an amazing application that enables users that own channels to activate native comment options by linking a discussion group to a channel. Telegram has many great features and it has introduced a new feature in its version 7.1 that allows users to comment below their channel content.


How to activate comments on the Telegram channel?

First, you should create a channel and then link it to a discussion group. After doing this, you will see native comments under all of your Telegram posts except the ones that are created by bots.

  1. Click on the header of the channel.
  2. Enter the channel settings.
  3. Select the Discussion option to link a discussion group to the channel or choose one of the groups that you have already created.

After taking these steps, you need to share a new post on the channel.

  • Telegram users are now allowed to make comments about your posts.
  • Click on the post you want to read all of its comments.
  • Or enter the discussion group you have linked to your channel to read the comments.


How do Telegram comments work?

After learning how to enable commenting on Telegram channels, you need to know how Telegram comments work.

When the users tap on the comments, they will enter the comment section where all the comments can be seen. Also, users are allowed to respond to comments and send tag links. Even if someone is not a member of the discussion group, that person can still have access to all the comments related to the channel posts. Simultaneously, these types of comments will be seen in the discussion group and the discussion group members can reply to these comments and participate in the discussion. Also, note that if the group users send messages without replying to the discussion, these messages will not be placed in the comments section and if the discussion group activates chat restrictions, these changes will apply to comments as well.


How to convert voice to text in Telegram?

Telegram has grown in recent years and has turned into one of the best social media platforms in the world. One of the good features of this app is that it allows you to send voice messages or notes Easily and safely. Also, you can convert your voice messages to text and use this app faster. In the following, we will tell you how to convert voice to text in Telegram.


How to convert voice message to text in Telegram?

Telegram enables chats with bots for the users to solve their issues. You can use one of these robots to convert voice to text in Telegram. This robot is called Voicy and you can use it to transcribe your voice messages as text. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to update your Telegram application.
  2. Then tap on the Telegram magnifying glass and type @voicy
  3.  simply just select the microphone and record your message.
  4. Now Voicy will use artificial intelligence to type your voice message.
  5. Note that you can edit your text or you make mistakes during recording your voice.


This is it, now you can copy the message and paste it where you want to send it. Also, you can delete these Telegram texts if you want.



In this article, we explained two practical Telegram tricks. We discussed how to enable commenting on Telegram channels and how to convert voice to text in Telegram and you can use these interesting tips to make better use of this wonderful application. Also, make sure you care about your social media safety to prevent any kind of social media hacking such as getting a Telegram hack . Note that we are here to help you with social media security and hacking. Contact us to know more.

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