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Twitter Tricks that you need to use/Twitter tricks part 3

Twitter tricks part 3

Twitter tricks part 3 – Many people use Twitter nowadays and especially if you’re a businessman, it’s essential to advertise on this application and you can easily expand your business through it.

When it comes to using social media, there’s nothing more important than your security cause you might easily ruin your business by getting a Twitter hack .

So pay attention to your safety on social media and prevent your information from getting exposed. You can also depend on our experts for hacking and social media security.

We explained some Twitter hacks and tricks in the last 2 articles and we’re about to continue the same topic in this article.

this article is the third part of Twitter tricks with this title Twitter tricks part 3 , before read it go back and read part 1 and 2.


Twitter tricks related to lists

Categorize your Twitter news section by using lists

It will be hard to pay attention to everything that you want if you have lots of followers on Twitter. We recommend you to do this trick by entering the Twitter listing section that enables you to create groups of influencers, clients, or templates, and this way you can easily pay attention and interest with important followers. This is how you can do this.

1.Open the Twitter menu by clicking on your profile icon

2.Tap on List and tap on Create new list

3.Select a name and write a short description of your list. In this part, you can choose whether you want your list to be private or public. Select Only accessible to you if you want a private list or select the Anyone can subscribe to the list option if you want the list to be public.

4.Select the Save list option

5.For seeing your tweets in the Twitter list, go to your profile page, tap on the Lists option then tap on the name of the list that you want. In the following of the Twitter tricks part 3 you’ll learn more about it.

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How to use Hootsuite for doing this?

  1. Go to the Hootsuite dashboard and tap on Add stream.
  2. Choose Twitter from the social media list located on the left of the page.
  3. Click on the Lists option.
  4. Select your desired Twitter profile.
  5. Select the Create a new list option
  6. You can select a name and add a description if you want in this section.
  7. Decide whether you want your list to be private or public.
  8. At last for creating your list, click on the Add stream option.


Pay attention to your competitors without following them

You need to be aware of what your competitors are doing without them noticing and without following them.

Enter your privacy lists to create a news section of your competitors without their awareness.

For using this feature follow the instructions of the above headline but select Private.


Find out who has you on their list

Finding out about the lists that you’re on, lets you realize how people see you and also helps you attract more followers. You can only use this method through iOS and web intermediaries and you can’t use this option on Android devices.

Go to your profile page, go to the Lists tab, and tap on the Member of phrase.


Look for lists on Twitter

You can’t use Twitter to search for lists but you can use Google to look for list-specific operators on Twitter.

For doing this, open the Google website and type inurl:lists before the phrase that you want to look for.

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Upload four photos on your tweets

Twitter allows you to add up to 4 photos to each of your tweets. ( you can only use one animated gif in every tweet ) and you can use this opportunity to create better tweets and it can be useful for tweets that are about an event or introducing a product. To use this feature, click the camera button when you’re writing a tweet. Then choose up to 40 photos and after uploading them, tap on the Tweet option.


Add stickers to the photos you tweet

You can identify the photos that you post by adding stickers to them. You can add stickers by using iOS and Android devices. To do this, on the camera button when you’re writing your tweet.

2.Select the photo that you want to add to your tweet.

3.Click on the sticker icon and hold it and drag it to the right side of the photo and adjust its size.

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