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Twitter tricks that you might not know/Twitter tricks part 2

Twitter tricks

Twitter tricks – Twitter is one of the most popular communication tools with millions of active users. But with millions of tweets that are exchanged in this application daily, It could seem hard to keep your tweets on top of the topics and let other people see them, and make you spend lots of time on this platform.

In the following, we will introduce you to some Twitter tricks that can be useful for you and come in handy and these lesser-known features can make you use Twitter more professionally.

Also remember to care about your safety and prevent Twitter hacking to keep your data secure.


How to add emojis from your desktop?

Using emojis while you are working with 280 characters, can save lots of space. Using emojis on mobile phones is much easier rather than using emojis on desktops but if you use a Mac, you can use a keyboard shortcut for working with emojis. Here is how you can do this.

1.put the cursor in the place of your text that you want the control, command, and spacebar keys on the keyboard to use the emojis


Break the 280-character limit rule with a screenshot

Sometimes you need to write a tweet that contains more than 280 characters. In this case, you can write a text with a higher number of characters using a writing program and then take a screenshot of it and post it on Twitter. For doing this your editing application and write your long text

2.take a screenshot of it and make a new tweet and tap on the camera-shaped button.

3.Add your photo to your Twitter and you can also add some explanations about it.

Twitter tricks are useful tricks that every user should know about it.


Use Twitter analytics for more followers

24 minutes is the half-life of your tweets. This means that it’s important to post a tweet at the right time to attract more followers. The best time for posting a tweet is around 12:00, 5:00, and 6:00 pm. You can post your tweets on these times and also use Twitter analytics for getting better feedback.

1.the first step is to work with Hootsuite that is a program for managing your social networks at the same time.

2.Log in to the Hootsuite program and in the message writing box, tap on the calendar icon

3.Then you need to choose the data and the time for publishing your message

4.If you are willing to get an email when you share a post, you can use that option in this part

5.Here you see a list of various profiles on the right side of the text box and you can choose your profile

6.Click on the “Schedule” option


Use mobile assistants like SIRI to tweet for you

If you’re busy doing an activity or you’re in a situation where you can’t work with your phone, you can use your mobile assistant to tweet for you if something suddenly came to your mind and you needed to tweet it.


For iOS

Activate Siri by pushing the iPhone’s round button or call Siri by saying “Hey Siri”. Then say “send a tweet”. Now all you have to do is read your message to Siri and confirm to send your tweet without needing your hands.


For Android

Enable Google Now. Then say “OK Google” and say “Post to Twitter”. Your Google assistant will Tweet for you after you read the message to it.


Use your keyboard shortcuts for tweeting

When you’re using the desktop version of Twitter you can use keyboard shortcuts to do things faster. You can open photos immediately and leave a new message without using your mouse. Here’s how you can work with it.

Use the cursor in the background of any Twitter profile, press the “shift” key and the “?” Key at the same time and the shortcuts list will be displayed for you. You can use different keystrokes to help you tweet faster.


Tweet on any website or blog

You can use the Twitter code for posting your Tweets. This is how to do it.

1.Find the text that you want to share and tap on the icon (…) that is next to the button that looks like a heart

2.choose the Embeld tweet feature

3.Copy the code and then paste it into the HTML document that you desire. (you need to paste the code into the “Text View” section for WordPress blogs)

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