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Twitter tricks part 2

Twitter tricks part 2

Twitter tricks part 2 – We explained some lesser-known tricks of Twitter in the article “Twitter tricks that you might not know” and we will continue this topic in the following. Besides, if you care about your Twitter and other social media security, you can share your problem with our professional experts and we will help you with hacking Twitter and other social media solutions.


Sending promotional tweets to a specific user

It’s essential to choose the right audience to increase your Twitter advertising budget. You can hide your tweets and stop your followers from seeing them and this way, you can make a promotional tweet for speaking to new contacts.

Your intention for hiding your tweets might also be that you find your tweets annoying to your audience or you might have good offers for the people that are not familiar with your brand.

For doing the process of attracting a targeted audience

Twitter tricks part 2 


  1. Go to the Twitter advertising dashboard and choose your goal ( interaction, video display, followers, clicks, program installation )
  2.  Choose the Create Campaign feature
  1. Go to the Select Your Audience section and tap on Add Followers that is under the Select additional audience option.
  2. Uncheck the Also target your followers option.


Pinning tweets at the top of your profile ( Twitter tricks part 2 )

you can pin a tweet at the top of your profile so that your audience can easily see it. your tweet will be shown at the top of your timeline and your followers can be aware of your important information. To do this

1.tap on the (…) feature that is located next to the heart icon

  1. Choose the Pin to your profile feature.


Uploading videos on Twitter

You can break the 280 characters limit rule by uploading a video and you can share many things on your video to increase the engagement of your followers. People pay more attention to visual content and you can expand your business and get more customers by sharing videos. Here’s how you can do this. the mobile version of the Videos on the Twitter app and it allows you to tweet videos from the field OR and for tweeting 6-seconds videos use your vine account.

2.You can also make videos on YouTube and share the link on Twitter.



Twitter search tricks ( Twitter tricks part 2 ) 

1.Preventing tweets with links from being seen in search results?

You might want to delete unlinked tweets to remove them from your search results because this way you can prevent wasting your internet traffic on other websites and you can avoid the links that interfere with the conversation while you are following a live event. For doing this, add the phrase “http-” when you’re typing something in the search box.

2.Using search operators

A search operator is a combination of characters for searching more accurately. For example, the “-” sign that we used earlier is a search operator that doesn’t allow tweets with “http” to be seen in search results.

There are lots of search operators. For instance, if you want to see tweets that have been published after a specific time, you can write since: [YYYY-MM-DD] in the search box. (write the year that you want instead of YYYY and write your desired month and day instead of MM and DD) and tweets after that specific time will be displayed for you.


3.Using advanced Twitter search

Advanced Twitter search allows you to search based on geographical location and positive or negative emotions


4.Using Hootsuite Twitter search

You can increase your engagement with your customers by using the Hootsuite application. You can gain lots of information by accessing many influencers, competitors, and comments and feedback about your business.


Twitter profile tricks


Request your tweets’ archive

You can access all of your activities on Twitter since your first tweet by requesting your archive of tweets. To do this,

  1. open your Twitter profile and tap on the profile icon and then open the settings.
  2. Click on the Request your archive option at the bottom of the page.
  3. In this part, Twitter will send you an email. Open the email and tap on Go now to download your archive as a .zip file.
  4. Open the file index.html after unzipping it.

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