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Professional Tricks for using WhatsApp web

Tricks for using WhatsApp

Tricks for using WhatsApp – WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application with billions of users. Besides, you can use this messenger just with a browser and without the need of using its application. In this article, we want to talk about the WhatsApp web version tricks and if you want to use WhatsApp professionally, this article is for you.


Delete WhatsApp blue check while reading your messages

You can use this method to read your messages without the other person noticing which means that you can read your messages completely but the person that has sent you the message will still see two gray ticks. Here’s how you can do this,


  1. Open WhatsApp web in your browser

  2. Open the conversation page that you want

  3. Run another program on your computer like Notepad

  4. Minimize the size of the application that you just opened and place the application on the browser in a way that you can see your WhatsApp page.

  5. Click on the second application that you opened ( Notepad ) and make sure that your browser is running in the background.

Now you can easily see the messages that you’ve received without the other person noticing cause your system assumes Notepad is running but as soon as you click on your browser, a blue tick is ticked for the person you’re chatting with and you can only use this method when you have already entered the conversation page.


Change the background photo of the web version of WhatsApp

If you are tired of your WhatsApp background image, You can easily change it. Follow the steps below for doing this.


  1. Open WhatsApp web and select the three-dot option on the left side of the page and enter the menu.
  2. Now select settings and then choose the background chat feature

You can decide on the color of your background and make it look better.


Increase the volume of voices

The web version of WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to make phone and video calls unlike the application but you can send voices and also you can use the Zapp plugin for Google chrome to increase the volume of the voices that you send.


Shortcuts for using WhatsApp web version

You have to use physical keyboards for using the WhatsApp web version on your computer cause you don’t have a touch screen and working with keyboards isn’t easy. But you can use WhatsApp shortcuts for easier use of the web version of WhatsApp. Here’s a list of them.


Ctrl + N : Starting a new conversation

Ctrl + Shift + M : Disable incoming notifications

[ + Ctrl + Shift : Going to the next conversation page

] + Ctrl + Shift : Going to the previous conversation page

Ctrl + Shift + N : Creating a new Group

Ctrl + E : accessing archive of chats

Ctrl + Shift + U : Marking unread

Ctrl + P : Opening the profile

Ctrl + Backspace : Deleting chats


Use the WAToolkit plugin for WhatsApp web


WAToolkit is a plugin for Google Chrome that helps you with working with the WhatsApp web version. This plugin allows you to see the number of unread messages without opening the WhatsApp web and you can also preview your messages. You need to take the mouse over the cursor on the top right side of your Chrome browser to use this feature. The interesting thing is that the preview of your messages are separated by lines and this allows you to almost see your messages completely and this way the blue tick is not ticked for the person you’re chatting with.


Use multiple WhatsApp accounts


You might have more than one WhatsApp account and you might want to use all of your accounts on your computer. For doing this, you can use Google Chrome incognito mode or you can use your accounts on different browsers. For example, use Google chrome for one of your accounts and use another browser like Firefox for your other account. For using this feature, tap on the three-dots icon on the top right side of your browser and enter the menu. Now select the New Incognito Windows option.




We discussed some tricks for using the web version of WhatsApp in this article. You can find more articles related to this topic on our website. Also, pay attention to your WhatsApp and other social media security to protect your privacy and prevent WhatsApp hacking. Besides, you can depend on our experienced team for hacking and keeping your social media accounts secure. Contact us for getting more details.




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