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Tips for using Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct – Instagram is a popular social network that is designed for sharing photos and videos. Instagram Direct Messages section is a section that enables the users to chat with other followers and interact more on Instagram.

The capabilities of the direct messaging section of Instagram are improving every day and new features are added to it in every update. In this article, we want to discuss some tips for using Instagram Direct.

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How to close your Instagram Direct to others?

If you don’t like getting messages from people that you don’t know, you can easily set your account to private. In this case, you will get messages from strangers in the “Request” section and you can either send permission to those people to receive their messages or you can prevent them from contacting you. Another thing that you can do to stop someone from texting you is to block that person. You can do this by going to that person’s profile page and selecting the Block option by clicking on the three-dot icon.


How to disable receiving notifications from Instagram Direct?

If other users send you messages on Instagram, you will be notified by receiving notifications. Instagram allows you to disable receiving notifications and for using this option, open the person’s direct chat page and tap on the “i” icon at the top of your screen and click on the “Mute Notifications” option to disable receiving notifications from that person.


How to delete the sent messages on Instagram Direct?

You might accidentally send a message to someone on Instagram by mistake. In this case, you can easily delete the sent messages. To do this, touch the message that you want to delete and hold your finger on it. Now tap on the “Unsend Message” option to delete the messages. Note that the messages will be deleted for both you and the other user and there’s no time limit for using this option on this platform.


How to create a group with Instagram Direct?

Instagram allows you to create groups and communicate with other users. To use this feature, open your Direct section on Instagram. Go to the search box and choose the people that you want to create a group with. Now send a message and this way your group is created and you can chat and share photos and videos with your friends.


How to view the time of sending direct messages on Instagram?

You can easily be aware of the exact time of sending and receiving messages on Instagram. All you need to do is to click on the message that you want and swipe it from the right to the left. This way the time of sending messages will be displayed for you.


How to hide your last activity time on Instagram?

Instagram added a new feature in one of its last updates. This feature is for displaying the last active status of the users. You can easily disable this option and prevent other users from seeing your last active time. To do this, open your profile page and enter the settings by clicking on the three-dot menu and click on the “Show Activity Status” option to disable it.


How to send a profile link of a user in Instagram Direct messages?

You can easily share a link on the description section of your profile page but you’re not allowed to share links on other Instagram sections. Although you can send tags, hashtags, and the link of the profiles of users to other people on Instagram. To do this,

  1. Open the profile page of the person that you want.

  2. Click on the three-dot option on the upper right side of your screen.

  3. Now you need to select the “Send Profile as Message” option in the pop-up window

  4. At last, choose the user to whom you want to send a message to end this process.



In this article, we tried to explain some Instagram Direct messages tutorials . You can use these tips to manage your Instagram DMs section. Also, make sure that you increase your Instagram security to prevent hacking Instagram. Also, you can always trust our experts for hacking and Increasing your Instagram and other social media security .

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