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The worst disadvantages of Instagram for children

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With time, Instagram turned to one of the platforms which are overused by someone and became to concerns for the parents about their children and adults. Inside lots of pros for using this media, there are also disadvantages of Instagram for children which need to be controlled by parents as possible.

Today, we intend to talk about the most common concerns about Instagram’s disadvantages for children in this article. So, it’s recommended to follow up on our information to know something closer.

What is the meaning of disadvantages of Instagram?

Generally, when it comes to the disadvantages of Instagram, there are various items that get into your mind and think about what are the cons of this platform for you or your children.

In fact, the disadvantages of Instagram are included a couple of things that hurt you and your mind. The main reason for Instagram’s disadvantage is overusing of this platform which means the children and adults do not know the ways of correct usage from these platforms. So, this became a concern that parents are worried about them.

While Instagram is one of the most popular platforms and uses for different positive purposes such as a good ground for small businesses, but is important to know that overusing this media is the main disadvantage of Instagram. Now, let’s know what are these cons.

Disadvantages of Instagram for children

  • Excessive attractiveness and the possibility of social media addiction

Uploading a few photos and videos is not a bad idea according to many children and adults, despite all of these posts are not in a good faith and only planned for abuses. In these cases, the adults and children are sensitive people of a society and can easily mentally and even physically hurt.

Some of these hurts can hardly compensate or sometimes cannot at all.

  • Being accessible everywhere

One of the security problems and disadvantages of Instagram is that children and adults can easily connect to any network and install it just for a second.

This allows the children for installing this platform and uses it everywhere they are located.

  • Make the children exposure

As you know well, every personal and private information can be shared on social media and Instagram is no exception to this rule. Most of the children and adults learn and repeat these activities from other ones.

Sometimes, it happened that children do the same things and share private information such as phone numbers or addresses.

  • Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying turned into one of the social media concerns which are caused by social media such as Instagram. Today, many children are victims of social media violence and face too many problems mentally; self-confidence, self-respect, sense of honor, and … are the examples of this issue. The result of such mental disorders can easily be caused for suicide.

  • Depression increment the main disadvantages of Instagranm

Most of the adults who are spending more than 2 hours on social media, are more possible to face mental disorders which can be included in anxiety, stress, and depression.

Self-doubt and feeling of emptiness lead to depression and sometimes, they feel doubt about their personality stability. So, being exposed to criticism and judgment puts them at the risk of severity levels of depression.

  • Being high sensitive to likes and comments

Most of the users in these social media are worrying about how many likes and comments they get. Or how many people are following them. These actions lead the users, whether children, adults, or even some older persons to become sensitive, selfish, and even frustrated.

  • Talking to foreign people

This is another concern for parents that their children talk to foreign people on social media. Children might talk to people who do not know them and the worst results are abusing and hurting. Some of these people may mislead the children.

What should parents do for disadvantages of Instagram?

It’s hard to take the children away from social media because the new world and technology need these ways for the future. So, there are ways to prevent these hurts for children:

  • Switch your profile on private mode
  • Lead them to follow and check pages that are related to their ages
  • Make a schedule for using Instagram
  • Limit the people they follow

We are just talked about the disadvantages of Instagram and learned what should you do at this time and how much you can protect your children’s mentality from misleaders.

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