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The ways to get social media backups

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Getting social media backups and the ways to get social media backups is one of the main needs and necessary things for the users to store ad save their private messages or transfer them into another device.

Backups include all the media such as photos, video, files, documents, music, and even the locations. In fact, the whole message is transferred between two users or groups. Let’s know how to get backups from social media on your smartphones.

What are social media backups?

Generally, the social media backups include storing and saving all the media from your account including the chats, calls, contacts, and even the profile photo, and keeping them to transfer to other devices or stores.

All the social media backups have to be stored securely in the accounts of the users by their personal email or Gmail. Moreover, all the social media contain backup taps, particularly, the messenger media to keep the chats safe.

Sometimes your account is included many important and useful data and you want to keep them such as chats with your friends, files, photos, videos, groups, channels, and … so, social media backups can help you in this way.

How to back up social media?

Today, with the development of all social media during the time and release dates, you do not have to backup them manually and the media will store your data automatically, but some other ones still need to back them up manually.

Now, we want to mention how to back up different social media:

  • Telegram

Telegram is into the list of social media which does not need to back up and it automatically can store and save all your chats, groups, and channels. You only need to register your phone number to load your data.

Of course, you can get back up from special chats of your Telegram account in this application. For this step, open up the desktop version of the application, go to setting, press advanced and choose export telegram data, now,

  • WhatsApp

Getting back up of your chats in WhatsApp is both manually and automatically and this is important to store your data if you need them or maybe being Whatsapp hacked, so, attend the steps of getting backups in your smartphone:

Open up the application and go to the setting. Click on chats and tap on chat backup. You can choose an email or Gmail to store your chats on it and also. Now, you can turn the included video on or off to store or do not store the videos.

Tap on backup on Android devices and back up now on IOS, and wait for a while because it can take a few minutes to complete. For IOS, all the backups will store on iCloud. So, you have to turn the iCloud on to start for a backup.

If you want to turn on WhatsApp automatically, press on auto backup and choose a period of time between daily, weekly, and monthly. By turning on this item, your account will be stored automatically based on the period of time you have chosen.

There’s a new update in WhatsApp back up that stores your backup in Google drive directly. Of course, this only operates for Android devices.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a sharing content application and you also can message or call your friend in the Direct section. This application does not need to back up the same as Telegram, so, you only need to register your phone number, Gmail, or username and be careful avoiding Instagram hack.

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How to use the backup on a new phone?

When you want to use the backups in a new device, there’re different ways for getting them. If you want to get your backup on Android devices, install the application and open it. Insert the phone number and click on restore by Gmail that you choose for backup.

For IOS, you only need to connect the iCloud of your old phone and transfer the information. For this step, go to the setting of your new iPhone, tap on your name on the top, and press on iCloud.

Now, turn on the iCloud drive and also WhatsApp. So, go back to WhatsApp and click on back up now on chat back up. All the information from WhatsApp on your old phone will transfer to the new.

How to transfer WhatsApp back up from IOS to Android?

To transfer the WhatsApp back up from your iPhone to the new Android device, you need to go on the chats you want to store them in the new phone. Press on More and tap on Export chat. Choose the Mail from the Share list. Your chats will link to Gmail and insert the Gmail address you accessed on your Android phone.

Open the Android phone and download the linked file from Gmail. If you have been downloaded it, delete and install it again. Now open the application that is installed recently and click on Restore. Pay attention to doing this process for all the chats you want to back them up.

We talked about the ways for getting social media backups and these ways of getting the backups in different devices were also described. If you have any other questions, contact trustsolcial.

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