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The negative effects Of whatsapp hacking

effects Of whatsapp hacking trustsocial

How I know I’m hacked in whats app or no and what happened if I hack? Is it bad or no,these are questions that we answer to you in the continues of this article so please read it to the end. If you see some signs in your phone,you make sure this is effects of Whatsapp hacking. delete your account asap.

Signs and effects of Whatsapp hacking

1: strange phone performance

One of the powerful signs of hacking whatsapp is working strange,if your phone turning on or shutting down while you don’t do.It can be a good reason to hacking this social media.

2:discharging your battery suddenly

Some spy applications use your battery a lot,it causes when you don’t use your phone, it dischrges. ،The reason for discharging battery while hacking is using your wi-fi,location and Bluetooth and they use battery a lot .

Hear strange sound in the background of phone

When you connect a call and hear some strange sounds means spy applications installed on your phone. This apps can hear your calls and knows your locations and sometimes spy you with your camera,this is some effects Of whatsapp hacking.

One effect of Whatsapp hacking, using internet a lot

Spying apps use internet whether it is wi-fi or mobile data,and it is for sending detail to hacker that hacks your phone. If your internet using a lot you cant make sure about effects Of whatsapp hacking.

effects Of whatsapp hacking trustsocial

Unknown chats and groups in whats app

Sometimes it happened for your carelessness in using password for your phone. in this situation hackers can hack your whats app through QR code or web version of whats app. If you see two or more effects Of whatsapp hacking, delete your account as soon as possible that you can.

How to prevent hacking whats app and fix hacking if our whats app hacked ?

When you see signs of hacking, install an anti virus, very fast and use some helps for your phone

Fixing hack of whats app by QR code(whats app web)

One of best methods for knowing that we are hacked or no is knowing it with QR code. Open your app and touch the three dot button it the top of your screen and touch the (whats app web) button. In this screen if your camera opens and wait for QR code to scan means your whats app is okay and no problem doesn’t come to you.

If you touch whats app web button and you see a list of computers that connected to your whats app. It means you were hacked and it is effects Of whatsapp hacking. If you see list of computers, touch ( log out all devices ) button. With this method, all of devices that connected to you closing fast.

Fixing whats app hack by two step verification

Using two step verification give one Whatsapp security step assigns a six-digit number in form of a pin. and with this method no one can enter your account without your accept. For prevent effects Of whatsapp hacking, go to the menu, in menu use settings button and touch the account the end use two step verification.

In this part, touch the enable button and follow instructions of create six digits pin with support email. To sets two step verification and prevent hacking whats app and bad effects Of whatsapp hacking.

Set password for your whats app

setting a good password for your whats  app. In this method you can set password for your other applications,it’s important which password with algorithm do you use. You must use some password that have capital and small letters, use numbers and shapes to have a strong password.

For example(test1234) isn’t a good password because it hacks very well.  It doesn’t take time but (Te$t1234)is best password with this words. Of course the (test) word isn’t good enough to come in your password but algorithm of using it is good. If you do all of this methods, effects Of whatsapp hacking doesn’t reach you. You always make sure about hacking.

This is all of ways that people must comply to make their whats app and their phone sure.

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