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Telegram tutorials part 2

Telegram tutorials part 2

Telegram tutorials part 2 – Telegram is of the most practical and popular instant messaging applications worldwide and in the article ( all you need to know about telegram ) we discussed Telegram tutorials and in the following, we will continue that topic

this article is the second part of  Telegram tutorials with the name of Telegram tutorials part 2


Start a secret conversation

Secret conversations use end-to-end encryption and the information about secret conversations isn’t saved on the Telegram server. This option supports self-destruct and it means that after a specific period of time secret messages are deleted and taking screenshots or forwarding messages to other users is not allowed in this kind of conversation. For using this feature, select new secret chat from the menu, and by selecting this option, you must select someone from your contact list to start a secret conversation and wait for the person to join the secret conversation. Tap the top of the page to choose when you want the messages to get deleted and choose the Self-Destruct timer option and adjust it the way you desire.


Forward messages to other users

Forwarding messages is simple. For forwarding messages, tap and hold the messages that you want to send and then tap the arrow symbol on the top of the page. Also, you can select the forward option by tapping the messages once and after using one of these methods, you will see the conversation list. Choose the conversation that you want to forward the messages to and press the send button.


Send photos, videos, and gifs in the form of files and media

Telegram allows you to send multimedia files. For sending them enter the conversation that you want and touch the pin icon at the bottom of the page and this way you can send pictures, videos, soundtracks, and your location. You can send your images and videos as a file to prevent Telegram from compressing large files. For doing this, select the file icon and tap file by entering a conversation and find the media that you want. For sending gifts, you need to tap the emoji icon from the left side of the text bar. Then enter the stickers section and by choosing the gif icon, send the items that you want. Telegram enables you to search for the items that you want by typing @gif and sending them.


Adding stickers

You can easily tap new stickers in your chats and select add and you can go to the setting and open the stickers section, then enter the trending stickers section to see lots of different stickers. You can also use stickers settings for managing your stickers and removing them.


How to make stickers in Telegram?

You can make stickers and share them with others. In this method, you’ll learn how to make stickers from any photo. The first thing you need to do is to update this application to the latest version.


Telegram has three conditions for making stickers

1.Photos must be without borders and in PNG format

2.The length and width of pictures must of 512 by 512 pixels at most

3.The size of photos that you upload should not be more than 350 KB

You can make stickers if your image is qualified. Telegram has suggested using photoshop image editing software for making these stickers and you can even use the ready-made PSD file on Telegram’s blog and all you need to do is to download this PSD file and insert the picture for making a sticker in it. It’s also easier to use the Clippy robot to make stickers.


Using the Clippy robot for making stickers

Clippy is a telegram robot that is made for making stickers. This robot can turn your picture into an amazing sticker but the picture that you send for this robot must have PNG format and without borders or with monochrome borders.

Here is how you can send photos to Clippy

1.find the magnifying glass icon in the Telegram’s main menu and search for Clippy or use a browser to open the link

2.send your images as a file to Clippy. The robot will send you your sticker and you can share it with your contacts.

The problem is that you can’t add these stickers to your archive and you have to send your photo to the robot every time you want to use the sticker.



We continued our discussion about Telegram tutorials in this article and you can still continue reading about this subject in our other articles. Also it’s important to care about your Telegram and other social media safety to prevent Telegram hacking and we are here to help you with hacking and social media security. Be in touch with us for more information.





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