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Is Telegram safe for Pc?

Telegram safe for Pc trustsocial

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the world, which can also be used as a desktop version. Telegram Desktop has many features that in this article, we will talk about the Telegram safe for Pc.

New features of Telegram on PC

Ability to make calls safely and clearly, the quality of which is always improved by artificial intelligence. Features of Telegram on PC include: ability to make calls in a completely secure and clear manner in which its quality is always improved by artificial intelligence, new stickers, Executing the program as a full panel of gif images in a completely separate way on the right, better manage the people blocked in the super groups and delete the message of the group members by the admins.

Telegram safe for Pc According to the founder of Telegram

In response to the news of vulnerability in the desktop version of Telegram and Telegram safe for Pc, the founder of Telegram stated that no one can control the user’s computer or Telegram remotely unless he/she has opened the malware file. Telegram founder Pavel Durov has reacted to Kaspersky’s report on a vulnerability in the desktop version of Telegram, he claimed in his Telegram channel that this is not a real security gap in Telegram Desktop.

“No one can remotely control your pc or telegram unless you open a file containing malware,” he wrote. This security gap is a kind of social engineering. In fact, this is a file hidden in a png file and will only be activated if the user clicks on Run. So if you have not opened the malware file, your pc is completely safe.According to Kaspersky in October, Telegram hackers used the power of the user’s system to extract legitimate currencies by encouraging users to download malware. Telegram resolved the issue in November.

The difference between Web Telegram and Application

When you install the Telegram Android app, this version runs on your phone’s Android operating system, and when you install the desktop version of Telegram on your laptop or pc, this version runs on your Windows, and to send messages using a special encryption method to It uses the name MTPROTO, and if you download a file from Telegram, it will be saved on your pc or phone memory by Windows or Android operating system. Some metthods can be used to prevent hacking telegram for android.

But this version of Telegram is completely different from the other versions. Web Telegram runs on your pc or phone browser and is a web page. It is actually a program that works on the web. And uses TLS encryption to send the message. Security in messaging using this telegram is much less than other versions. Therefore, having a Telegram safe for Pc in this way is questionable.

For example, if a virus or malware has disrupted your browser and can hack telegram, all your conversations and messages will be easily hacked. But with this account, Telegram web application is provided more because if for any reason it was not possible to access other versions or the programs were disrupted, it is possible to connect to the Telegram account with the available browser, even the browser of other computers. The speed of access and execution of the program in this version of Telegram is very high because all activities are executed on the browser and there are no coding steps in other methods.

Telegram safe for Pc trustsocial

Disadvantages of Web Telegram on PC

Every program has advantages and disadvantages. Every program has advantages and disadvantages. Telegram Web is not a complete version of Telegram, so it has disadvantages. Including:

-One of the disadvantages of Telegram Web is weaker security of this social media than the app, therefore, having a Telegram safe for Pc in this way is questionable

-Lack of some features of the original Telegram version. For example, you cannot use moving stickers.

-It is not possible to use private chat; unlike web-based apps, the browser cannot be controlled. People can easily save your messages and webpage or even take screenshots.

-It is not possible to take a photo instantly because your pc is not a camera and has only a normal lens in front of you

There are problems such as files not loading, especially videos

If you open a file in Telegram Web, it will not be saved in the Telegram app installed on your phone. So, you can see the file only on the device in which you entered the Telegram web.

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