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Stop Instagram scam

Stop Instagram scam

Instagram, as one of the most popular platforms, is a very good target for fraudsters. Although these scams are varied and take on a new form each time, getting familiarity with the most common forms can increase public awareness and information security of users. You may have been attacked several times; so, we want to teach you Stop Instagram scam that you may face while surfing Instagram.

What is scam and how is it achieved?

One of the most common crimes in today’s society is scam. Some people deceive others and use it to gain property or money or privileges, so it is good to know that the crime has not been committed until the property or money has been transferred. The punishment for this crime is from one to seven years of imprisonment, in addition to fine.

Learn about the five most common scams on Instagram and ways to Stop Instagram scam 

  • Stimulating people’s sense of urgency

Attackers usually send a fake email to your account claiming that someone has been able to log in to your account illegally. This email usually contains a fake link to recover the password.

By clicking on this link, you will enter the fake Instagram login page. Your authentication information will be collected by entering this screw and fraudsters will have access to your account.

To Stop Instagram scam Pay attention to the email address of the people and the writing style of the people so that you can identify them. For example, poor grammar of their written text or the fact that their email is not related to an official address can be good signs to diagnose this issue.

  • Making copy and similar pages

Scammers send messages to friends, acquaintances, and followers by copying a popular page or user’s pages, telling them that their pages have been hacked and social media hackers have been able to empty their entire bank accounts through hacking Instagram.

Therefore, the fraudsters submit their request for financial assistance to the followers of that similar page, and the unfortunate followers of that page, deposit the amount requested by the criminals for them.

In this case, the best way to Stop Instagram scam connect with friends and acquaintances through methods other than Instagram. For example, you can call your friends to find out if this request is correct.

Stop Instagram scam

  • Stop Instagram scam, Blue tick scam

Getting a blue tick is one of the newest scams on Instagram is an attractive option for many people because they can get a lot of financial, social and etc.  Benefits by getting this tick. But scammers are not idle and take full advantage of this attractive option.

Scammers send you messages directly and claim that they can get you a blue tick for a fee. If you pay, the only thing that will be confirmed is that you are a victim and there will be no news of the blue tick of Instagram.

To Stop Instagram scam you should keep in mind the fact that the only way to get an Instagram blue tick is acting through the official Instagram page and observe the terms and conditions announced by them. An official request is the only reliable way to get an Instagram blue tick.

  • Romantic scams and how to Stop Instagram scam

In this way, first scammers start their romantic relationship with people by liking the posts, commenting under the posts and finally giving a direct message to the people, and gradually gaining the victim’s trust from them for various reasons such as cost of Travel to visit them or for medical reasons.

This type of scam is time consuming and criminals have to spend a lot of time focusing on gaining the trust of the other party. Not having a video call or not wanting to meet are things that should make you suspicious.

  • Instagram sellers

Some scammers try to deceive you by offering the best quality products at the lowest prices. This does not mean that all sellers have these fraudulent conditions, but it should wake you up so that you can consciously search for these products and the brand in Google or other centers to know the accuracy of these products and their prices

victims of this type of scam like Telegram scamming quickly share their opinions in searches related to the counterfeit product, and you can get important information about this product by reading these comments.

Our general suggestion to all social media users is not to blindly trust anyone. You can prevent many internet scams by following this tip.

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