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How to stay safe on telegram , keep your account secure

stay safe on telegram trustsocial

Telegram is one of the most popular and widely used messaging applications in the world .Despite the many claims that have been made about the security of Telegram, you should not ignore the security protocols so do things to stay safe on telegram and make sure that your Telegram account is not hacked.

You should know that hackers do not hack Telegram or hacking social media at all, but hack your phone and access your SMS and read the 5-digit code that is sent to your mobile number when you log in to Telegram. So the first step to stay safe on telegram is not to share your phone or password with others in any way.

Ways to stay safe on Telegram:

1- Putting the password on Telegram application

First, enter your Telegram settings and enter the Privacy and Security section. Then select the Passcode Lock option. Now enable the Passcode Lock option and finally set a password for your telegram. From now on, you can lock your telegram by pointing to the lock shape. You can also specify that Telegram be locked after a certain period of time and require a password to reopen it.

2-Controling and view imported devices – active sessions

If a person enters Telegram with your number and if he obtains the Telegram sending code in some way, a message will be sent to you by Telegram that a system with these details has entered your account, which you can prevent and disconnect. Use the following method.

1- Enter the Telegram program.

2- Enter the settings section.

3- Enter the privacy and security section.

4- Enter the active session’s section.

In this section, you can see if another device uses this account. Click on the desired device and click ok, or you can click terminate all other sessions and click ok .In this case, all devices connected to your account, except the phone that is at your disposal, will be deleted and will no longer have access to the messages you send and receive.

stay safe on telegram trustsocial

3-Using Secret Chat

One of the Ways to stay safe on Telegram is Using Secret Chat. To stay safe on Telegram, especially in the case of important and sensitive chats it is better use Secret Chat. In this case, a double security layer is added to the normal telegram mode. Also, in this mode, by automatically deleting the messages, there is no trace of the sent and received messages and it is not even possible to take a screenshot of chat page in Secret Chat mode. To do this matter, enter the chat page of person you want. Touch the other party’s profile name at the top of the screen. Click the three dot icon at the top right of the screen and select Start Secret Chat.

4-enabaling Telegram Two-Step Verification

The next step to stay safe on telegram is using Telegram 2-Step Verification.

Two-step confirmation means you must confirm your identity via separate email and passwords each time you log in. Follow the steps below to enable 2-step verification.

1- Enter the Telegram program.

2-Enter the settings section.

3- Enter the privacy and security section.

4-Select the two-step verification option.

5-Click on the set additional password option.

6- In this section, enter your email and password carefully, because you will need this password in the future. After entering the password and email, you will be presented with a message that you should check your email.

7- The sent email has a link that clicking on it is a confirmation and you must do this matter to record the successful operation.

Now, if someone wants to enter Telegram with your number, even if he has the code sent by Telegram,  he needs the password that you have specified in this step.

In some cases, in order to stay safe in Telegram, it is necessary no one to know that you are online. To do this matter enters the privacy and security section and select the Last Seen option.

In addition to the above points, to stay safe on telegram do not forget that you should always use the latest version of Telegram. Be sure to download this application from reliable sources, such as the Google App Store, for Android users.

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