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Spy on whatsapp chat

Spy on whatsapp chat trustsocial

It is possible to spy on WhatsApp chat without the target phone. Although WhatsApp cannot be used on two phones at the same time, hackers can easily access all of your chats, including confidential ones, if they record your phone number on another device. Hackers can view your WhatsApp conversation by scanning your QR code anywhere in the world.

Reasons to spy on WhatsApp chat

There are many reasons why someone wants to spy whatsapp chat. One of them may be to prevent your children from becoming victims of online dangers of WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp is open to everyone, anyone including hunters can use it.

Similarly, many large companies have installed tracking software on their employees’ mobile devices. They want to make sure their employees do not waste their time on WhatsApp and chatting with friends during business hours or leaking confidential company information to a third party.

How to Spy on WhatsApp chat without Target Phone

SPY24 is an essential tool for parents who want to Spy on whatsapp chat and monitor their children’s Smartphone activities and protect them from cyber threats and unwanted exposure.

SPY24 allows you to track WhatsApp activity on Android and iOS. View and hack WhatsApp messages. Access monitored messages from another device.  Check the date and time of each call. Learn how to use SPY24 below

First you have to buy the package according to your needs. After purchasing the subscription, create an account with SPY24. A valid email ID must be provided because installation instructions will be sent to the email. The individual must also accept the terms and conditions of the company and its privacy policy.

Spy on WhatsApp chat using WhatsApp Web

To spy on WhatsApp chat from others who use WhatsApp Web, you must access to their phone for at least a few minutes. To do this matter follows these steps in order:

  1. Access the target device.
  2. Go to the Whatsapp menu.
  3. Scan the QR code of the desired device on each of your devices and access the entire WhatsApp chat.

The main limitation of this method is that we must have access to the target device.  There is a good chance that the target knows his messages are being read elsewhere. Another major limitation is that the device must be in close proximity to the hacker, which may not always be possible.

Spy on WhatsApp chat using Mac forgery

Whatsapp Hacking on Mac is one of the most time consuming ways to Spy on whatsapp chat. Its level of difficulty is also high, because it requires sufficient knowledge about it.

Detailed step-by-step guide to spy using Mac forgery:

– Remove WhatsApp.

– Access the target phone and get the MAC address.

– Get your phone’s MAC address.

-Install the forgery program. (If it is an iOS phone, install Wifi parody or MAC daddy, and if it is an Android phone, install the emulator terminal or busybox.)

– change the MAC address of the phone with the help of the forgery program.

Now reinstall WhatsApp Messenger on your phone (hacker phone) and enter the desired phone number.  After receiving the verification code on the target phone, enter it on your phone.  You can now read the messages you want.

The main limitation of this method is that someone has to access to the target phone for a while to spy on WhatsApp chat, which may not always be possible.

How to prevent spying without target phone:

In order to prevent WhatsApp messages from being spied on, we first need to know if it is being spied on. There are various indicators that show the phone has been hacked:

-The phone vibrates suddenly or makes suspicious noises.

-The mobile battery drains quickly.

-Mobile phones become abnormally hot.

– Whatsapp often hangs out.

Steps to prevent spying on WhatsApp messages without target phone:

-Use the official WhatsApp app.

– Keep the app up to date.

-Use the two-step verification method.

-Use the screen lock.

-Protect not only your phone but also your backup chat.

– Take WhatsApp Web seriously and do not leave it open if you are using a public system.

– Disable WhatsApp if lost.

– Restrict download access to the profile photo.

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