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Spy on telegram , Is it possible to spy?

spy on telegram trustsocial

Recently, methods for accessing messaging apps have become popular that will enable the other person to read all your messages in these apps. With these methods, you will be able to access the list of chats and messages exchanged with your friends. The first method will be applicable to all messaging applications, and the second method will be usable for Spy on telegram.

In both methods, there is a solution to prevent their spy and hacking telegram. Both of these methods can only be done if the user’s negligence, and if you consider all aspects by observing the following, you will never suffer from such spying that is often done by acquaintances.

  • The first method:

The first method to prevent spy on telegram, which can be used for all messaging applications, is to log in to your Telegram account through other phones or computer versions of messaging applications. For example, if someone installs a telegram app or … and enters your number in it, a verification code will be sent to your phone.

If the other person has access to this code in any way, he can access to your account and in addition to he will see your list of exchanged messages, he will also access to features such as sending messages and viewing your friends list. For example, when you take your phone to a mobile phone shop for repair, or when someone wants to send you an app or photo and you give them your phone for this purpose, it will be a very ideal situation for such people to Spy on telegram or spy on Whatsapp, the other social media apps.

At the same time, they enter your number in your phone and as soon as you receive the sent code, delete it from your phone, and in the same way, so your account is activated in another phone and it is easily possible that person will be able to Spy on your telegram. Also, users who do not know much about smartphones sometimes receive text messages, or messages containing a code, which, due to lack of information, they ask someone else about it, thereby destroying their privacy. this matter cause it is possible to spy on telegram for them.

  • The second method

The second method to prevent spy on telegram is a spy application that, after installing on your phone, it will send all you’re sent and received messages to the specified email. This method takes more time than the previous method because the other person needs to send you a special application, and after installing it, enter their email information in it to send you your messages. The way to deal with this method is to find the application and remove it from the phone. This application, which will be installed on your phone with the misleading name of Setting, will be easily identified and removed in a few clicks.

spy on telegram trustsocial

Two solutions for preventing spy on telegram

First, go to Telegram Setting and enter the private settings of the account by touching the Privacy option. In this section, by entering the Activate Session, all computers and phones that are able to use your account will be displayed. Note that the presence of more than one item in this section does not necessarily the presence of a second person in your account, and in many cases, the items in this section are dedicated to the computers that you have used to log in. The date of the last use of each of the available items is also recorded in front of them, which you can check and remember when you last used the computer to log in.

Another way to solve Spy on telegram is going to the phone settings and after opening the Application Manager section, go to the ALL tab. In this list, look for an application called Setting and enter it. Note that applications that are actually related to the phone’s Setting will not have the Uninstall option. So, if you find an app called Setting on your phone that has an Uninstall button on it, delete it immediately. However, if you feel that the items you have registered, you do not need them anymore, you can click on the Terminate option to terminate all connections other than your current phone.

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