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Social media security awareness

Social media security awareness

Have you ever heard about social media security awareness? In your idea, what is or are the rules of social media security which need to be applied? Are famous social media like Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, and … have been secured by these items? Social media turned into one of the inseparable parts of human life and this technology is growing by minutes on similar and dissimilar grounds.

Not only using social media is the best achievement technology has made, but it’s also an essential factor in our lives and this cannot be denied anyway. So, the security awareness for social media has been specialized in personal or general levels as much as using it.

This article is proceeding to talk about the most important social media security awareness and solutions for keep security and also privacy in these fields.

What’s the meaning of social media security awareness?

Today we’ve been seen at least 90% of people coming to social media every day with different ages, gentle, and careers. They have owned accounts on different social media and share millions of content. So, being social at this level has forced applying personal and general security as essentiality.

We respect and adapt ourselves in real life with hundreds of rules or conventions, and this is either necessary to attend rules in social media. By respecting these rules, no one hurts and there won’t be other serious problems.

The security department of social media belongs to the IT field and the experts of this field must inspect as monitoring over issues included threats and their consequences, and the attacks like hacking as well to take every single measure to apply security solutions.

Many of these related companies block any access to social media for their users such as Facebook, but it only denies social media security awareness. For instance, there’re many online businesses for commercial goals, so, it’s not a good idea, but it’s better to apply some strategies for inspecting social media.

Which media need more security?

When it comes to more security, we imagine that the most famous or the media that are using more than others are a priority for security. It’s true but doesn’t in common completely. Social media are all in common and all of them need security and privacy either.

Nowadays, Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are well-known for us and we have owned at least one account in these media. Messaging, voice or video calls, posting personal photos or information, and even the way of your thoughts all can be supported by these media and this is the point that social media security awareness becomes bold.

In fact, all types of social media and other types of virtual grounds that contain the user’s personal information need security on a large scale. No matter this media is placed on the first-rated of beloved ones or not. Telegram hacking or any immoral action for WhatsApp hack by person, organization, companies, or even the government force IT companies to make inspection rules. These measures have mutual goals:

  • Prevent hack and other threats of personal info
  • Become more secure to take more users

How to level up security for social media?

This is up to IT companies to plans for more security of social media, especially, in cases such as user privacy:

  • Restrict information or content you share

It’s better to restrict the content you want to share and care about what do you want to post on social media because shared contents of your information will be irreversible and even you think about deleting, saved versions will remain on the media’s cache.

  • Make passwords that are hard to guess!

If you join any social media, do not forget to make strong passwords that are hard to guess by strangers or hackers.

  • Be careful about strangers!

Social network eases forge identity. So, make limitations for the people you message, call, or even do not share your personal content with strangers!

  • Be a realist and doubter!

Never trust each shared content on social media and become sure about the identities and pretensions.

  • Delete all the unreliable applications!

Be careful about application installation. There’re lots of apps to make fun but some of them are unreliable. So, be careful what do you want to install.

  • Set super privacy items!

Use all of the privacy settings of your social media as it is possible and restrict your personal items such as profile photo, two-verification code, allow to add in new groups, and … only for your friends and people you know them well.


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