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Social media safety tips for teenagers

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What are the social media safety tips for teenagers? What are the main safety things for teenagers in social media? As you know, social media has become one of the most important parts of our lives and we’re running many tasks by this media.


This is a kind of computer technology to ease communication for humans, but these media include threats for personal data, so, this is important to keep something in your mind about the safety tips, particularly, the teenagers.

In this article, we want to share tips about social media safety tips for teenagers.


More about social media safety tips for teenagers

Social media is a kind of computer technology to sharing many ideas, photos, videos, and data. This is the platform for both commercial and personal targets, but the main target of social media is developing brands and views in a field and making them for marketing purposes.


Social media safety tips for teenagers include major things that affect teenagers’ lives. so, it’s important for the parents and all teenagers to keep something in their minds about how can keep their safety and avoid threatening their personal data. Today many Instagram hacks are occurring around the accounts managed by teenagers.


As we come into the depth of these platforms, it becomes more and more important to protect your privacy and security to not threatening by anyone.


So, social media safety tips for teenagers have to become a priority for all of the parents to check what ado their children are doing on social media.


The importance of social media safety tips for teenagers is in a way of awareness and there’re some points to attend during the whole time you’re using them.


The statistics about using social media usage


According to recent statistics, the average age who are using social media more than other ones is between 18 up to 34 years.

About 11% of the whole children in ages 8-12 have been created their account under 10 years old, and 39% of these children have been registered in these accounts between 10 up to 12 years old.


About 3.96 billion people are using social media that means social media is as important as the daily tasks of the people in society.


What are the tips for social media safety?

  • Be aware of sharing too much

This is important to attend as the first point to keep in your mind and control your children and teenagers to share too much media. This is a threat for all the users who share their media more than usual.

Do not let your children share some important and personal data such as credit card account, bank information, passwords, security number, and …


  • Limit the detailed data about work history

In many social media, people are talking about the personal information of their work history. This leads the hackers to know about your personal life and also make ways to threaten by the criminals such as hackers.


  • Setup your privacy setting

All of the social media include security and privacy sections as default and pre-set. Many people think it’s enough to use these settings for their privacy, but you should know to set up new passwords ad privacy items to block the entire people who are not on your friend’s list.


  • Who you are connecting with

Social media is full of users and people who are connecting and starting to communicate with each other, so, it’s become a priority for all of the users to not connect each account.

Sometimes these accounts might misrepresent themselves as other ones and make false statements.


  • Be aware of impersonators

This is another social media safety tip for teenagers to be aware of impersonators and keep control of comments. So, control the comments and always attend to the authentication of the people your children want to make a connection with.

  • Do not share personal details as it’s possible

Microblogging encourages persons to share parts of their personal data and their moment activities. Because these kinds of networks are visible to everyone, the persons should not reveal information that alerts criminal actions.


  • Do not forget to check your own account

If you want to assure someone’s safety to connect, it’s important to search for their profiles from the perspective of someone who is conducting a search.


The other social media safety tips for teenagers are included in:


  1. Know about acceptable use policies and employer boundaries
  2. Control what kinds of information shared with outside sources
  3. Consider forming a new social network
  4. Do not be an over-friend
  5. Take schedule for social media usage for your teenagers
  6. Make strong passwords


We talked about what are the main tips for safety in social media and how to make a good schedule for our teenagers to not act with social media as an addictive

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