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Social media hacking cases, recognizing cyber attack

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Familiarity with examples of social media hacking can make you more aware of the information that you share on the social networks. Before we talk about social media hacking and its examples, it’s a good idea to know if social media hacking is a crime or not.

Is hacking a crime?

There are certain rules and regulations for protecting the privacy of individuals as well as the information the people share on the Internet. Social networks hacking is a violation of these laws and is definitely a crime.  Certainly A person who does hack, is also guilty too.

Which programs and social networks are hacked the most?

Between all of the social apps and programs currently used by people, the Instagram app has the most hacks. The second app is Snap Chat and the third app is WhatsApp.

the image of Social media hacking cases

Examples of social networking hacks

Here are some of the worst examples of social media hacking.

  1. In early 2017, about ten thousand US government employees received messages containing custom phishing through various social networks from Russia. These messages contained links that allowed the hackers to access and control the device of their target.
  2. In July 2017, hackers communicated with ordinary people by impersonating several famous people who had accounts on social networks, and by sending special links, they were able to hack the devices of the people.
  3. The supplement program was one of the items related to the hacking of Twitter social network. The program was called twitter counter, through which Turkish hackers gained access to the accounts of thousands of Dutch people. In this way, they sent threatening messages, broken crosses, etc. to the Dutch peoples. The hacked accounts included accounts such as Forbes, the official Bitcoin blockchain account, Starbox, the European Parliament, UNICEF, Nike and Amnesty International.

4-HAMMERTOSS is one of the malware that is uniquely designed for social networks. In July 2015, the malware allowed hackers to control people’s accounts through the posts and content they submitted. The group of hackers even attacked the White House, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the State Department, as well as some governments, such as the Norwegian government.

  1. In August 2016, it was revealed that some hackers find their victims by providing fake financial services. Unfortunately, there are many scams and hacks of social networks in this way and it is done on a large scale.

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