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Social media advantages and disadvantages On Youth and society

social media advantages and disadvantages

Social media advantages and disadvantages are not deniable for anyone and include many prominent things to give but are also side effects that affect your real life. Social media are the main and popular types of applications we use daily and go on with our tasks with them.

Someone also makes money from these social media and gain profits. Now, let’s take a look at social media advantages and disadvantages in trustsocial.

What do social media do?

The ways of communication, informing of news, our career, and many other daily and professional tasks are today available with our social media, and based on the types of these environments, we can use particular ones. Social media advantages and disadvantages are the main target of this article to know more and manage them in cases that you need it.

This is a neutral space, which means there’re social media advantages and disadvantages at the same time, so, there has to be a normal usage to bring the pros for ourselves and pretend the cons.

if you ask someone about social media advantages and disadvantages, they will talk about the damages of these media more than strong points, but we can find someone who knows these things but also overuse social media, why does it happen?

Social media advantage and disadvantages

Now, keep something about social media advantages and disadvantages in your mind:


  • Communicating with people unlimited

This is the main and clearest feature and advantage of social media. Social media is an unlimited type of useful virtual space to provide a wide cover for our communication in the whole world. You can connect with your friend, family member, and your relatives wherever they are located.

So, there’s no limitation for our communications on these platforms.

  • Quick news informing

This is an easy way for many audiences who always watch the news and want to inform what is going on in the whole world. So, despite the visual media such as TV, you can quickly get informed about the news and other intended fields you desire.

  • Chances for marketing and business

As you see, social media is turned into one of the most popular sources to start up your small business and make money. So, it can be a chance for both people who want to start up a new business and the people who are looking for a job.

  • Entertainment

The main purpose of designing social media is to have a fun time and entertainment for our free hours. This is the main advantage of these platforms.

The human is originally a gregarious creation and likes to communicate with more people, get likes, comments, and more users to see their routine tasks.

  • Get familiar with technology

The world is going toward a more developed and modern place to live, so, this is important for all people to get familiar with the last technology such as digital devices and learn to work with them.

  • Being free

All the social media are free to use and this is one of the other advantages of these environments for us.

social media advantages and disadvantages trustsocial


  • A good place for rumor and lies

As you see, social media like Whatsapp turned to the top place for lies and rumor news in thousands of fields. This is one of the main cons of social media and make the wrong effects on our minds.

  • Addictive for teenagers and adults

It cannot be denied that  other social medias such as Instagram is addictive for all teenagers and adults in cases of overusing. According to one of the reports, the average ages of social media users are among 15 up to 24 years old and this report shows that there’re many more teenage users in the whole social media.

  • Low security and privacy

With a huge wave of posts such as photos and videos that we share every day, our  social media security and privacy can be affected badly. Particularly, with a huge number of social media hackers, this becomes a threat for users.

  • Internet scams

By increasing the percentage of online marketing in Telegram  and social media, there’re abusers to do fraudulent actions. These people abuse the other users.

  • Get away from real life

There’re many people who are using social media as one of the most important parts of their lives and this is a cause to get them away from real life and damage their confidence, gregarious life, communication, and family.

We cannot delete social media from our lives but it’s possible to set a schedule for the times we want to spend in these media and manage our children too. This is an essential point to not see these virtual environments as an important part of your life, it is only a tool for your entertainment.


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