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Social media addiction for adults

Social media addiction for adults

Social media addiction for adults is a kind of consequence of overuse of social media in different positions which have been proved by different psychological and medical centers in a few past years. Yet, it doesn’t prove that addiction to social media is real or not, but today, there’re witnesses that are studied in this case and have been shown it.

In the following of this article, we want to speak about social media addiction for adults and show the side effects of this issue.

social media addiction

What do the psychological studies prove?

In one of the last studies of researchers, scientists have been achieved that addiction to social media does exist. In these studies, the researches have been shown some of the important parameters of real life such as personalities and real-life motivations got weak and instead of it, inattention of personality life, mental inclinations, escaping from the facts, mood changes, and tolerating or hiding addictive behaviors are seen into the adults who overuse the social media.

Also, the mainspring of people to overuse social media depends on different situations and positions. All introvert and extrovert people are using these media for different goals which Narcissism is one of them.

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What are the side effects of social medial addiction for adults?

The side effects of social media for adults addictions are as worrisome as teenager addiction too, so, it needed to be warned about these effects to make sense for your family members or even your partner.

  • Low healthy life and more sorrow

The interaction of social medial for adults or it’s better to say addiction makes people sadder and this issue has an effective side on people’s healthy life.

Life expectancy and happiness will destroy by overusing social media, especially, in adults and its side effects can be irrecoverable most of the time.

  • Threatening the body shape and diseases

The researches have been shown that adults who are spending more than half of their day in social media and became a social medial addicted are getting fat. This issue is up to the lack of movement in these people,

So, using unhealthy foods will increase the risk of being overweight and then, increasing the risk of emerging diseases.

  • The risk of depression

Social media is a virtual place that people are sharing their data and the levels of welfare. This poison competition is becoming a ground to comparing our lives with each other and then, the lack of welfare level of life make adults more depressed.

  • Weakness of family member communication

Social media addiction for adults makes family communication weaker than ever. So, this is the most effective ground for family collapsing.

  • Become virtual completely and getting from real life

Make connections and friends virtually and getting away from real-life communications and interactions lowers self-confidence and the ability to make lower social positions.

This will affect the future career and also the life opportunities too much.

  • The appearance of poison behaviors

Appearing many poisonous behaviors such as anger, insulting, overuse of rude comments, and … are other side effects of social media addiction for adults which can be visible in their ongoing behaviors.

  • Increasing the risk of hacks

As you know, social media is full of hackers and abusers of personal data and this is a big risk or threat for the users who registered accounts in these media.

Lots of Instagram hacking, Telegram Hacks, WhatsApp, and Twitter hacks are happening these days and by increasing this tragedy, any personal info and data about the users are threatening by these abusers.

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How can we stop these effects?

These items do not mean that social medial has no advantage; social media is the best space to find faraway friends, get more information about things, access the last news, connecting to your family members who are not inside you, and …

The point is that spending more time of your day, especially, when you’re not in a good mood is not a very wise action.

Take some distance from social media in times that you need mental rest is the key point of this article that can make improvements in your personal life.


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