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Simple ways to hack telegram games , tips and tricks

Telegram online games have been around for a long time and people are looking for points in various messenger games to get ahead of their competitors. But the only way to get points in Telegram games is not to play. From now on, you can easily hack telegram games and register your desired score.

You may have seen that in some hard and difficult games, it is difficult to collect and receive points. Some people have achieved very high and unbelievable points and strange records that are very hard to imagine. In this article, we will teach you how hack telegram games and get unattainable points and records.

Although the programs for hacking telegram games are very fun and interesting and also bring us unique experiences, but as you know, hacking and cheating is not a very good job. However, for some time, game hacking has become very common among gamers.

Hacking the game is known for some issues and first of all, it should be said that by installing some hacking programs, you make your game stronger among your friends, in fact, as we said, by installing the best game mode program, you can easily In each game, raise your level and increase your points.

However, it is better to know that some programs to hack telegram games cannot be trusted, they are in fact fraudulent, so by installing these programs, you may lose personal information and in the least your data.

A Simple way to hack telegram games

You can now enjoy various games in the Telegram environment and even compete with your friends and set a record. But it is interesting to know Telegtam tricks, simple ways, with just one click, it is possible to cheat in Telegram games and record an unreal record in each game.

  • Getting the game page address

To hack telegram games in the first step, you need to get the exact address that will be assigned to you after selecting the Play button in the game. you must run the game in the device’s web browser. Getting this address is a little different on Android, iOS as well as desktop (Windows).


  • Desktop

The simplest method is in the desktop version. After selecting the Play button under the game, the default Windows web browser window will open directly, and in the address bar, this URL is available and you just need to copy it.

  • Android

Getting this link on Android is also easy. Just click the Play button. After displaying the game, click on the three-dot button and select Open in. then select your favorite web browser to open the game in the browser environment. Then copy the address in the address bar.

  • IOS

In iOS environment, it is not possible to extract a specific link from the Telegram app. so, you have to enter the Telegram web version directly at through the web browser, and through it, log in to your Telegram account and click on the game link to open the game in the web browser environment. Then copy the address.

  • Use of fraud system

In this page, all you have to do is enter the URL of the game link that you extracted in the previous step and then enter your desired score. Each point you enter in this section will be recorded as your record in this game.

All you have to do now is click on the “Cheat!” Button. Display the message “Fraud succeeded!” It means that the work is successful and the record has been set for you in this game.

Last word

Telegram messenger’s application with helping of internal bots or Inline Telegram Bots allows you to add HTML5 web games without the need for any application and call and run from within Telegram.

Running the Telegram game in this situation will allow you to share your score in the game with other users in groups and private chat pages, and thus record your records in Telegram games. Many users are familiar with this new feature of Telegram, but to make the best use of this feature.

Recently, a robot has been built in Telegram with helping it you can play games. In this game you can also hack telegram games. It should be noted that most of the methods are currently out of order.

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