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security threats of WhatsApp users , Is your account safe?

security threats of WhatsApp users trustsocial

WhatsApp Messaging is owned by Facebook and it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. WhatsApp, however, always works to improve online security of users. But there is still the issue of security threats of WhatsApp users.

It is estimated that more than one billion people use this program and its users send more than 65 billion messages daily .So it is not surprising that security concerns, malicious threats and spam show themselves. This article covers everything you need to know about security threats of WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp states on its website that it uses a protector to protect your personal information. It also promises that messages are encrypted through WhatsApp, meaning that any information you send is encrypted to protect against unauthorized access. This is very important to prevent security threats of WhatsApp users because with a good encryption, hackers will have trouble in accessing your information and will be pressured.

Hackers who want to gain access to your information and photos can find ways to do this matter, and most of the time they do it when you use insecure networks such as airport Wi-Fi. Generally, WhatsApp is at danger when used with Wi-Fi and other insecure networks. Photos, phone numbers and other information are easily accessible to hackers who want to use your information.

<There are simple ways to reduce the security threats of WhatsApp users>.

Be smart about sending photos. Be aware of the type of photos you send. Stay away from scammers. If you see a message that looks suspicious, do not click on it or reply to it. Don’t put your WhatsApp photos in your phone’s photo album. this photo can be easily accessed.

Despite all this matter, there are still threats that make this program vulnerable. In the following, we will introduce 4 of the most important security threats of WhatsApp users.

1- WhatsApp malware

Lots of WhatsApp users have made it a major target for cybercriminals, many of whom attack WhatsApp Web. For years, WhatsApp has allowed you to open a website or download desktop app, scan a code with the app on your phone, and use WhatsApp on your phone.

The App Store on your phone, whether Apple Store or Google Play, is more careful about the input than the Internet itself. When you search for WhatsApp in these stores, it becomes clear which is the main application.

But this is not the case with the Internet. Criminals, hackers  by hacking Whatsapp and spammers have taken advantage of this case. In many cases, malware has been installed instead of the WhatsApp application. . If you are unlucky enough to download one of these cases, you may easily install malware on your computer. This is one of the biggest security threats of WhatsApp users.

2-Danger of backup without encryption in WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to back up your messages, pictures and videos on Android and IOS. This feature allows you to restore your messages if you delete them by mistake. The backup file stored on ICloud and Google Drive is not encrypted. They are very vulnerable because this file contains all of your messages being decrypted.

3-Using numbers for WhatsApp ads

Another one of security threats of WhatsApp users is using the phone numbers and other personal information such as the last time you visited, registration information, etc., which is done to provide smart ads between Facebook and WhatsApp. This change was made in 2016 when it was announced to users by Facebook. Despite the pressure, Facebook provided a way to disable it. If you do not want your number and other information to be used for advertising, etc., go to settings in WhatsApp and enter the Account section. Then disable Share my account info

security threats of WhatsApp users trustsocial

4- WhatsApp status

For years, WhatsApp status was a small line of text that you could use to describe your status. But in recent years, this feature has become something similar to the Instagram story. This feature can become one of the security threats of WhatsApp users.  Anyone on your WhatsApp contacts list can see your status.

Fortunately, you can easily control this matter. Go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Status. In this section, you have three choices for your status: contacts, contacts except …, sharing with only one specific person.


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