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Security threats of Telegram users , Is Telegram safe?

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One of the topics that many users are asking about them these days is the security of Telegram.  How secure do you think Telegram is and what are the security threats of telegram users?

One of the issues that made Telegram so popular among users is its security. This messenger app actually stores messages and information in the existing cloud space, inside web servers. So you have free access to an unlimited amount of cloud space and you can use your information permanently.

The negligence in controlling the personal account is the reason for security threats of Telegram users. Therefore, you should pay attention to this issue yourself and perform all protection operations for your account.

The first point is when you want to log in Telegram for the first time with your mobile phone, do not share the code that will be sent to you via SMS. After entering the code, it is better to delete it.

Some ways to reduce security threats of Telegram users

  • Method 1: Entering the password for Telegram (Passcode Lock)

By activating this feature, you can set a password for Telegram. So whenever anyone (even you) wants to run this app on your Smartphone, they have to enter the password you set. To enable this password, you can enter Passcode Lock from the Privacy and Security menu. You can also apply your own time to this section.

Click password lock, then selecting auto lock. You can choose your time to lock your telegram automatically.

  • Method 2: Activating Two-Step Verification

This method is one of the most effective methods that should be used to increase security of social media and reduce security threats of Telegram users. We strongly emphasize that you must enable this feature in your telegram. Two-Step Verification makes it impossible for any anonymous or hacker to easily  does Telegram hacking and log in your Telegram account, as this process requires secondary authentication, which hackers certainly cannot do successfully.

This feature is easily activated in Telegram and through the Settings menu of this messenger. In this section, you can specify the second code, in addition the initial code sent by telegram; it is required for user login. You will also be asked for an email so that you can use it if you forget your password.

  • Method 3: Checking  devices connected to the Telegram (Active Sessions)

For preventing security threats of Telegram users like spying on Telegram, telegram offers another interesting and useful security feature. With this feature, you can see the list of devices which your account is active through the account settings menu. So you can check these devices and remove any suspicious items from the list.

To do this matter, in the settings section, find Privacy and Security and enter Active Sessions, and finally select Terminate All Other sessions. In this case, all devices connected to your Telegram account are logged out and no one can access your account. It is better enter this section once in a while and check the devices connected to your account.

  • Method 4: Using Secret Chat

Another good method you can use to increase your security in Telegram is related to secret chat via Telegram. Cloud-based client encryption is used when you have a regular group or individual conversation via Telegram, but client-client encryption is used for secret Telegram chats. (Client-Client Encryption) is also used as a dual layer of security.

In Telegram secret chat, it is also possible to delete messages automatically without leaving a trace. So if you care too much about the security of some of your telegram messages, be sure to use Secret Chat. This feature can well prevent security threats of Telegram users.

  • Method 5: Do not chat with strangers

This method may seem a little strange to you, more than 50% of hackers are profiteers who try to hack your Telegram account by taking information from you. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid solitary conversations with strangers in Telegram as much as possible, or at least do not share your personal and security information with them.

End word

The points mentioned were solutions to eliminate the security threats of Telegram users. Be sure that if you do each of the above steps, your Telegram account will be a great extent secure and no one will be able to access your personal information so you can use this messenger program safely.


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