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Security of telegram , security tips for telegram users

security of telegram

there are too many users that use telegram for business or privacy of themselves . all of them think about security of telegram, of course there are too many versions of telegram but which one have more security.
Telegram is one of the best social apps that have about 1/000/000/000 contacts, most of this contact use telegram for sharing photos and chatting with their friends or family, Some people use this app for business goals. But security of telegram is enough for business?
The telegram app answer our question ( is telegram secure ) with this sentence : telegram can’t hack and if one hacker can do this (hack telegram) we give it 300/000 $ reward .
If this sentence right why we see a lot of news about Telegram hacking?
We are here for helping you, so you are here to know the real answer of this questions.
Telegram is safe and isn’t safe! It depends on you how to use security of telegram, central core of telegram are inaccessible but if you don’t pay attension about security hints, you are going to be hacked very soon.

How I going up my security?

Active two step verification for Security of telegram :

More important work that you should do is activate two step verification for your telegram account, with this ability of telegram your security reaches up very fast.
In this feature, you make a password for your account that you know this password alone and if anyone can find your account name and your phone number it can hack your account because it should know your two step verification password, too.
For activating two step verification first of all: open telegram application, go to your account, choose settings option, touch privacy and security button and in here touch two step verification button, use set additional password and in this level you must set your password. Your password better to have capital and small cases of letters, number and shapes.
Check OK to go to the next page . The next page will ask you for the password you entered in the previous step, enter the same password and click OK.
In this session telegram wants you a hint for the time you remember your password .

After you set hint , touch the ok button and set one e-mail .
Set local password
For your telegram app set local password to increase security of telegram.
Go to your account , go to settings , in security and privacy go to passcode lock
Active passcode lock to open a new page for you , in this new page you select a 4 number digit pin ( you can also select password with touching pin button and change it to password )
Repeat the password one time more and then your local password set successfully .

Deactive your notifications

one of most important works to do is deactiving notifications but this is one of the most important ways to increase security of telegram , with this setting if your phone is power off or lock and no one knows your password , no one can read my massages .
Go to settings , notification and sounds, in this part deactive three sections of upper options and with this way you can grow your security in the telegram application .

Which telegram is secure ?

Which telegram has a better secure ? One of the problems that contacts may go to this problem very soon. Filter telegram is a big problem that can’t pass easily for community of countries .
Here are a lot of telegrams like ( mobogram, golden telegram, telegram plus, persian telegram and … ) but all of them is fake and if you want to use this application, just use the original version of telegram that you can download it from google or get it from google play or bazaar and . . .
In this article we want to understand why telegram is safe or isn’t safe and if you have fake telegram , you may hack very soon that you never think about this
Thank you for reading this article to the end .

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