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Secure WhatsApp account

Secure WhatsApp account trustsocial

For some people, WhatsApp is the key to connecting with friends and family. But how can you Secure WhatsApp account? WhatsApp is a messaging app that considers itself very secure and all messages and video calls are resumed in this encryption application, which makes users’ communications untraceable.

However, users can make their WhatsApp phone more secure by using biometric security features, including fingerprints and face recognition. So, even if someone has physical access to your phone, your WhatsApp messages will remain safe.

How to Secure WhatsApp account in Android?

1- Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.

2- Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.

3- Go to Account.

4- Go to Privacy.

5- At the bottom of the page, click the Fingerprint Lock option.

6- On the “Fingerprint Lock” page, activate the unlocking with a fingerprint by dragging the button to the right. Then confirm your fingerprint by touching the sensor with your finger.

7- If you have closed the application, select how long the WhatsApp application should ask for your re-access to the Facebook ID application. You can choose between “instant”, “after a minute” or “after 30 minutes”.

Check encryption

To Secure WhatsApp account, WhatsApp encrypts all chats by default, but you may want to make sure. If you share sensitive information through this app, it’s better to make sure the encryption works.

For doing so, open the chat, tap a person’s name at the top of the screen, and then touch “Encryption”. You will see a QR and a long security code at the bottom.

Disable adding people to groups automatically

By default, it is very easy to add any person to any group in WhatsApp. If you give your number to a seller, it will probably add you to several different ad groups

You can now stop this problem in WhatsApp to increase Secure WhatsApp account. WhatsApp security has a new setting that prevents people from automatically adding you to a group

Also to Prevent hacking WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device, go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups and then tap “Nobody”.

If you have previously joined a group that you want to leave it, open a group chat and then tap the group name at the top. On the next screen, scroll down and touch Exit Group.

Change your privacy settings and Secure WhatsApp account

WhatsApp allows you to have complete control over who can view your private information. If you wish, you can hide your “Last Seen”, “Profile Photo” and “Status” from everyone except your family and close friends.To change these settings go to Settings> Account> Privacy.

Secure WhatsApp account trustsocial

Blocking and reporting to increase Secure WhatsApp account

If someone on WhatsApp sends you a message that you do not want to see or that is bothering you, you can easily block that person. So, open the relevant conversation in WhatsApp and then tap that person’s name at the top of the page. On the iPhone, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Block Contact”. On an Android device, tap “Block”.

Beware of common scams

WhatsApp is a popular chat environment and scammers like to hack the social media. So you have to be very careful not to fall into their trap.

One of the most common types of scams is talking about the top versions of this app and promises to increase the quality of service and even the expiration of WhatsApp accounts. No matter how much these compliments are, do not forget that you should only use the original and verified version of this messenger.

Hide conversations

WhatsApp provides the option to archive conversations for any chat or conversation that you want to hide from the prying eyes of others for increasing Secure WhatsApp account. You can largely hide them from others. This process is very simple and helps you to increase WhatsApp privacy, press your finger on the chat or conversation you want to hide for a while, then click on “Archive” from the toolbar in Tap the top of the screen.

Hide WhatsApp photos

By default, any photo or video from your gallery can be downloaded to WhatsApp. This can be problematic because your media content can be easily viewed by anyone who enters the gallery from WhatsApp. So when you are asked if the app has permission to access the gallery or not, do not immediately confirm it and first think about a solution for your photos and videos and then let WhatsApp.

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