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Secure video-calling apps for ios

secure video calling apps for IOS

Although there are many video calling application in the tech world, there are only a few that bring good quality video calling. In fact, the video call program should be able to hold the call steadily while the users are using it, and it should have good coordination between audio and video, and support the microphone of other related devices well. In addition, it has good security and can be used in various operating systems. In this article, we intend to introduce secure video-calling apps for ios. these apps include Whatsapp, Google Dou, skype and etc

  • Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the secure video-calling apps for ios. Also, like Facebook, it supports the possibility of group video chat in safely format . Users of iOS-based devices can download it. In addition to the convenient features of the program, it can provide end to end encryption group chat. We must mention that it is possible to send  any types of files through this program.

  • Google Dou

Google Dou is another achievement of Google in the field of secure video-calling apps for ios and has a similar approach to the Face Time application. This application allows video chat between 8 people and, of course, it is different from Facebook in some ways. Also, this app is available for both Android and iOS users, and there is no need to use another add-on app to use, and only the users’ contact number is enough.

video calling apps for IOS

  • Snap chat

Snap Chat is one of the best secure video-calling apps for ios, which has gained a lot of popularity among people. This app adds a variety of fun filters to your pictures or videos that you can share with your friends right away. Snap Chat can be considered the most secure video-calling apps, because it supports end-to-end encryption for each user.

  • ooVoo

In the first days of its unveiling, this app was just an Internet messenger, which gained a lot of popularity among young users in a short time! The ooVoo app, like the other applications, is one of the well-equipped and application that you can install and use on any device.

  • Zoom

This application allows its users to make quality video calls. Due to the formal framework, almost all over the world use this application to have video sessions with their colleagues, which is definitely one of the most important tools for coordinating telecommuting. This application has two free and premium versions. One of the limitations of the free version is that it is limited to three users at the same time in video calling. Zoom is one of the best secure video-calling apps for ios, Windows, Mac and Android.

  • Discord

If you are interested in playing the game on your smartphone or PC, you have probably heard or worked with the name Discord. Due to the compatibility and coordination of this software with streaming programs, Discord offers the ability to make video calls to its users, and a large number of people use this program to play with friends and make video calls.

Discord has powerful servers that can provide good quality and clarity to its users. Discord app can also be suitable for making calls or business meetings (conferences).

  • Imo

Imo is one of the best secure video-calling apps. This application has been prepared using the best programming technologies. Imo is able to provide you with instant video calling from anywhere in the world. Video calling with Imo is free and you do not have to pay to visit family and friends. This application works well with 3G, 4G mobile internet and any suitable Wi-Fi connection.

  • JusTalk

JusTalk is one of the most secure video-calling apps for ios and android. other features are less important. JusTalk uses Google Accounts to authenticate people and allow you to contact your friends. Among the features of this application is the possibility of group video calling, drawing and playing during video chat. So if you are looking for an application that does not have a package of features that do not work for you, JusTalk is for you.

  • Skype

Skype has established itself among secure video-calling apps for ios. If you do not know Skype, you are probably not familiar with video calling like other social media security apps. Long before other applications entered the field, Skype reigned supreme. The design may not be appealing, but the number of people who use it shows the power of this popular app.

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