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Recover hacked telegram account , How to return data?

Recover hacked telegram account

Unfortunately, nowadays there is a problem among Telegram users and many people have asked questions about it! According to many people, their telegram account has been hacked or checked by someone else! In the continuation of this article, we intend to teach you how to recover hacked telegram account.

Although it is not easy to hack a Telegram account and Telegram has provided a lot of security to prevent such problems, but it cannot be claimed that it is impossible to hack a Telegram account! Therefore, it is possible to hack a Telegram account, and using applications similar to Telegram and doing unintentional actions can increase the risk of hacking the user’s Telegram account. But if your Telegram account is hacked, what is the solution in front of you?

Fortunately, under any circumstances (even the worst of circumstances) it is possible to recover hacked telegram account.

what is the solution to take action to recover hacked telegram account?

But if your Telegram is hacked, what is the solution in front of you? How to take action to recover hacked telegram account? Some people not having eanough knowledge and delete hacked telegram account immediately! Fortunately, there are solutions that will solve your problem.

Step 1: activating Two-Step Verification

Before any action, we recommend that you active the two-step verification feature of your Telegram account. By activating this feature, anyone who wants to log in to your account, in addition to providing a special code that will be sent to your telegram or contact number, must also provide a second security code that will be determined by you and go through the second security layer to log in to your account.! So by activating the Two-Step Verification feature (Telegram 2-Step Authentication), your Telegram account hacking will almost reach 0%.

Step 2: Remove anonymous devices from Active Sessions

In the security settings menu of its messaging application, Telegram offers an option called Active Sessions or “active meetings” that the list of all devices connected to the account can be viewed. For example, if your Telegram account is active on both your phone and tablet, by referring to the Active Sessions section, you will see the name of your tablet and phone in the list.

To access the Telegram Active Sessions settings menu, just follow the steps below:

-Run the Telegram application.

-Touch the three-line icon in the top left corner of the screen to bring up the main Telegram menu.

-Select the Settings option.

-Select the Privacy & Security option.

-Select the Active Sessions option.

-Select the Terminate All Other Sessions option and agree to deactivate your account on all other devices (except the device you are currently using).

Therefore, if an anonymous or hacker has logged in to your account and he/she is using it or is reading your chats for any reason, his device name will be displayed in the Active Sessions list. In this case, to recover hacked telegram account, just go to the Active Sessions settings menu and remove the anonymous device from the list provided, or select the Terminate All Other Sessions option and set up your Telegram account on all active devices.

Recover hacked telegram account trustsocial

Step 3: Correspond with Telegram to recover hacked telegram account

The last solution in front of you in order to recover hacked telegram account is related to correspondence with the support of this messenger. Telegram has provided a dedicated forum that you can send a report of any problems created to your Telegram account (including telegram hacking) to support Telegram and leave the rest of the work to Telegram and its team. To correspond with Telegram to submit a report of your account being hacked and request it, follow the steps below:

Click on this section to refer to the dedicated forum that Telegram has provided to post users’ problems.

In the <Please describe your problem field> describe your problem and mention that your Telegram account has been hacked and we are looking to Recover hacked telegram account. The type of your correspond and express the issue and the problem is very important.

In the phone number field, enter the contact number that your Telegram account is connected.

You must also provide your email address in  your email field.

Finally, click on the Submit option to send your message to support Telegram. Telegram Support will usually send you a reply in less than 24 hours. In this case, you may need to correspond with Telegram and provide information to them, so that Telegram Support can ensure that you own the account.

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