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Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages

Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages trustsocial

Is there any way to read encrypted WhatsApp messages? WhatsApp is one of the largest messaging applications in the world that has 2 billion daily users. The reason is its useful functions and safety features, and because of that, a huge number of people prefer to use WhatsApp in order to send or receive personal or business text messages.

Another positive point of WhatsApp is that all sending or receiving messages are encrypted in its application. It means that only the receiver and sender can view their contents. But do you think there is any way to read encrypted WhatsApp messages on another phone? In this article, we are going to answer this important question. The answer to this question can compromise the privacy of WhatsApp users.

Approaches to read encrypted WhatsApp messages

In the past few years, many applications have started to introduce the end-to-end encryption system to prevent social media hacking. But you must know that an encrypted system cannot prevent your WhatsApp hacking. It means that some cybercriminals can use special tools to read encrypted WhatsApp messages and view your activities on this platform. In this part, we will mention these approaches to represent information about this topic.

Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages trustsocial

Google Drive

you are able to read encrypted WhatsApp messages on Google Drive on an Android phone. With this approach, you can easily backup the user’s chat history on WhatsApp by turning on the automatic backup function. Additionally, you can use this feature in order to bypass WhatsApp end-to-end encryption.

In order to access Google Drive on your phone, you need to download AppTrans application for your Android or iPhone device. Using this application is a great way to read encrypted WhatsApp messages with no trouble.

Suppose you want to use this application, download and launch it on your computer, and then top on the app store on the left panel. Afterward, choose the WhatsApp backup mode. Then, you need to log in to your account on Google and choose from Google drive back up to scan these encrypted messages.

Then, you need to connect your Android phone to your computer and install the WhatsApp custom version on your phone. Then, enable storage in order to give WhatsApp custom version permission and it can access your data on WhatsApp. Afterward, it is time to sign in to your account on the WhatsApp custom version. This account should be just the same as WhatsApp Google Drive.

Read WhatsApp messages on computer

Another method that you can read encrypted WhatsApp messages is by using your computer. You need a phone which is connected to a WhatsApp account. It is important to root your device before you start reading encrypted messages.

Read Encrypted WhatsApp Messages trustsocial

In order to continue your job to read encrypted WhatsApp messages, go to the storage menu of your WhatsApp and then tap on the database folder. The page is presented until you reach a full the, which is labeled as a file. Search for the key file and connect your phone to your computer. Then, copy that file database to a folder on your computer.

WhatsApp Web

Last but not least, you are able to read encrypted WhatsApp messages on the WhatsApp web on your desktop or computer. It is worth mentioning that the approach is possible just when you have login data for the account you wish to read its encrypted messages.

With the help of this approach, you can easily monitor sent, received and deleted messages on WhatsApp and check the history of WhatsApp of your target account. It should be mentioned that in this approach, you need to have access to your target phone because, as you know, WhatsApp web will represent with a scan of QR code with the mobile device.

The Last Word

If you want to read encrypted WhatsApp messages, read this article carefully and use the mentioned methods functionally. As you know, reading or viewing WhatsApp messages of other people is ethical behavior. But if you are a parent and one to have control over your child’s activity on WhatsApp, these approaches are helpful. So, read the above article carefully and use the mentioned approaches to control your child’s activity on social media. Additionally, this can help you prevent hackers from hacking WhatsApp.

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