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Psychological effects of Instagram

Psychological effects of Instagram

Psychological effects of Instagram – We are living in the age of technology and communication and with the advancement of technology, more people are using the internet and computer every day and we are witnessing improvement of programs that make us communicate easier and faster.

One of these programs is Instagram that is a social network for better social communication and although this social network has many benefits for us, it can also sometimes cause harassment and hurt the following, we will discuss the psychological effects of Instagram. comparisons

People show the best sides of their lives on Instagram and some people might spend hours comparing their lives to others. Instagram manipulates people and doesn’t always show the truth and it only shows part of the truth to the users


2.feeling not enough about your life or appearance

Even though you might know that pictures on Instagram can be fake and people only share the perfect aspects of their lives, you might feel insecure inside. It might make you feel that everyone is perfect and people have better lives and appearances than you and you have no idea why you don’t feel good enough.


3.negative feelings and lack of motivation

As you already know, Instagram makes you compare your life to others and this makes you not have enough motivation to continue your life cause you feel that everyone is better than you and this might lead to anxiety, anger, depression and you might stay up all night to see other people’s lives.


4.reducing verbal communication

People mostly communicate on Instagram through pictures and videos and this application has reduced verbal communication. users can use captions and text for their posts but research shows that people are not interested in reading them.



Using social networks like Instagram can increase people’s sense of loneliness and by reducing the use of these social networks you will feel less isolated and lonely and it’s better for your mental health to use these applications right.

6.depression and anxiety

Human beings need to make eye contact and experience face-to-face communication. It’s important to replace virtual communication with interaction in the real world. Lack of real communication can cause stress and you might suffer from anxiety and depression. you might not even notice that you are in a state of depression and anxiety because of using social media



Cyberbullying is the use of technology to cause harassment. Almost 10 percent of people claim that they have been bullied and threatened on Instagram and Platforms like Instagram can be a place for psychological and emotional problems. Some criminals might even threaten you and misuse your personal information through hacking Instagram.



When you are constantly posting pictures of yourself and publish your thought in an exaggerated and fake world it can make you selfish and take you away from the real world


9.ignoring other problems

Instagram might occupy your mind in a way that you forget about your other problems like anxiety, stress, and depression, and by spending so much time on Instagram, these problems will increase and you will run away from fixing them instead of controlling them.


10.wasting time

Instagram can waste lots of your time. Users might spend a lot of time sharing a post. Users usually take lots of photos and edit them with different filters and some users spend a lot of time looking at other people’s pictures and videos.


11.Social media addiction

Instagram like any social media network can be addictive and users might spend hours checking their accounts every day. Some people are addicted to these apps and no matter where they are or what they do, they’re always checking their phone. Most Instagram users are teenagers so it’s important to protect their mental health.


12.lack of sleep

Instagram not only causes social disorders but also can affect the user’s sleep. Many users stay up at night and they don’t even realize that they’re wasting their time and hurting their mental health by staring at their screens and not getting enough sleep.



Instagram is a popular social media platform with many benefits but it can also have destructive effects on our lives and mental health and you need to know about psychological effect of Instagram and care about your health and mind. Also you can contact us for providing Instagram security and hacking.



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