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How to protect social media privacy


Extent of social media in this days reaches about three billion people and this is too amazing that people understand the protect social media privacy and advantages of this .

While new communication tools and social networks have been developed , the age of using smartphones and entering social networks is also rapidly decreasing and secure of social media’s reaches down, so that smartphones can be seen in the hands of children and protect of social media security and privacy is too hard, which parents can forbid . Children are not used to this technology .

Fans of social networking sites say online communities increase engagement with friends and family and give teachers, librarians and students valuable access to support and educational materials; Facilitates social and political change and accelerates the dissemination of useful information.

One of the social networks advantages is that they disseminate information faster than any other media, but the negative use of these social networks is also the spread of unreliable and incorrect information and it’s not just information , protect social media privacy is one of other problems of social media.

Social media experts believe that social networking sites and networks help students to do better in school, especially in a situation where the corona virus is now affecting the world and the health of students by entering educational institutions is in danger.

Dangers of social media’s

If you don’t protect your social media , some dangerous event fallows you. If you don’t protect your social media , some dangerous event fallows you such as hacking Telegram, Whatsapp hack or Instagram hacking.

FATA police experts believe that today social networks are one of the most entertaining and attractive pastimes of the country’s youth and teenagers, who spend a lot of time during the day, but there are always dangers that may For this reason, it is necessary to educate the most important dangers of social networks that lie in wait for ignorant people. One of these dangers is changing the identity to extort money from friends on social networks. Sometimes people extort money from friends and acquaintances or even strangers in cyberspace by changing their virtual identities and pictures in social network accounts. FATA police encounter many such cases in their cases.

Sometimes people have a lot of confidence in their relationships with others in this space and think that this relationship will last forever and they are committed, so they exchange and send their personal photos and videos to that person. But unaware of what will happen to our dignity after the end of this relationship or their Whatsapp account being hacked in other words. So watch out for cyber friends who are not trustworthy at all.

How can we protect social media

if you want to protect social media privacy , you should fallow ways of protect social media privacy .

Limit the amount of personal information you share; do not share information that is to your detriment, such as your address and daily schedule. If people who are in contact with you have shared information about you, make sure that the information is not so much that it would upset you if strangers knew. Also be careful when sharing information or photos of the people you interact with.

The Internet is a public resource: Only publish information that you accept is safe for everyone to see. This includes information and photos in your profile, forums and blogs. Also, you can not retrieve information when you share it online.

Be careful with strangers, the Internet has made it easy for people to misrepresent their identities and motivations. Limit the people you want to keep in touch with. If you interact with people you do not know, be careful about giving them information and meeting them in person.


Be skeptical, do not believe everything you read online, users may publish incorrect information on various topics, including their own identity. Is not necessarily destructive. It can also be a joke or an exaggeration. Always be careful and make sure the information is correct before taking any action.

Use anti-virus software, anti-virus software helps your computer against known viruses, so you can remove them before they harm you. Updates are very important because saboteurs are constantly writing new viruses. The default settings of each site may allow even  the settings and restrict your information to certain people. But again. Sites may change their configuration options, so stay tuned and periodically check your privacy s


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