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Prevent whatSapp social hacking , secure your account

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WhatsApp is one of the best and most well-known social media applications or social networks that has been working in this field for a long time and during this time it was able to attract millions of users. However, this app has also used various security measures to prevent whatSapp social hacking of its users that users’ security will be maintained during the observance of some features as well as the observance of principled tasks, and no one can access their account. Therefore, it is not possible to hack WhatsApp in any way, unless you want to!!

You may ask yourself how it is possible?! Each of us sometimes takes risks that can cost us all our data! Well, WhatsApp hacking methods are possible through various methods, the most important of which are the following;

  • hacking with barcode
  • hacking with number
  • hacking with Gmail and number

Ways to prevent whatSapp social hacking

  • Use encrypted chat in important conversations

WhatsApp, like many secure messaging apps, supports encrypted chat. In this method of conversation, all messages between the parties are encrypted throughout and only the sender and receiver will be able to open the message and read it. Encrypted chat, known in Telegram as Secret Chat, is present in WhatsApp by default and does not need to be reactivated.

In other words, every message you send in WhatsApp will be encrypted by End to End by default. But to ensure the connection is secure and to prevent whatSapp social hacking, it is better to check the security code of each connection before making important conversations. To prevent WhatsApp hacking, go to the profile page of the person you want and select the Encryption option. If the code displayed to you is exactly the same as the code displayed to the other party, then this connection is secure and you can easily exchange your messages in it.

  • Lock Whatsapp

The device lock screen feature is not enough to protect WhatsApp. Thus, for more security, you should lock your WhatsApp. Whatsapp does not offer any lock mode, so you need to install third-party apps to lock Whatsapp to prevent whatSapp social hacking.

Another way to avoid being hacked is using a second security lock. You can enter a 6-digit code to enter WhatsApp by entering the WhatsApp settings (Setting), Account section and the second security code section (two-step verification), and thus information security Upgrade WhatsApp. In this case, just by entering this code, you can see the messages and use WhatsApp. This way, even if the hacker has your phone number, he cannot log in to your account and see your information. For activating the PIN code, just follow the command below:


1- Open WhatsApp and select the three-dot option at the top right of the screen.

2-After that, enter the settings and then the account settings, and then select Two-step verification.

3-Then select the Enable option and determine your 6-digit code

  • Do not install programs from unauthorized or unknown sources

Check the developer details, ratings, reviews of each app before installing it on your phone.

  • Logout from WhatsApp

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If you use WhatsApp or desktop web versions on different devices, you should log out of the device after each use. This is a good way to prevent whatSapp social hacking. Also, if you notice that every time you log in to your WhatsApp account with another device, you will see a message on your mobile phone that you are using WhatsApp on another device. So whenever you receive this message and you are not using the desktop version of WhatsApp, be sure to take it seriously and follow it. Because this could be a sign that someone is hacking your WhatsApp account.

  • Do not use anonymous or free Wi-Fi

To prevent whatSapp social hacking, you should not use unknown or public Wi-Fi, because anyone can easily hack your mobile and WhatsApp information using a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Use updated antivirus

Antivirus is a way to prevent whatSapp social hacking. Strong antiviruses can easily detect malicious programs and spyware that are installed on your mobile phone and prevent them from continuing to operate. Try to constantly install one of these anti-virus and anti-spyware programs on your mobile phone and update it regularly so that you can use it to increase the security of your mobile device and WhatsApp.


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