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Prevent hacking telegram for ios and android

prevent hacking telegram trustsocial

Due to its high security and features, Telegram has been able to create a lot of popularity among users and encourage a huge wave of them to use this program, one of the most important concerns of users in using any of the messaging software is security of its environment. In this article, we try to teach you how to Prevent hacking telegram for ios and android and also how to find out if your account has been hacked on social media  or not.

How to find out if our telegram has been hacked and how to stop it

One of the main signs of a hacked ios and android phone and Telegram application is the reading of messages sent to you by friends and Telegram channels; If you are sure that you have not opened them and the messages have been read and read by someone else before you, to find out if your telegram has been hacked or not, and in more complete terms, you can send all logins (all entries) to the telegram with IP And at different times with any device, including mobile or computer, and… to see Telegram and unsubscribe from it, follow the steps that we explain below.

First enter the Telegram menu and then touch the Settings option.

In the next step, find the Privacy and security option and then touch it. In the security section, select the Active Sessions option.

Now in the Active Sessions section you can see all the information of the devices that are connected to your account.

In iOS systems, as in Android systems, steps can be taken to find out whether the account has been hacked or not, which include:

-First, refer to Telegram Settings.

–  Touch Chat Settings.

-. Touch Terminate All Other Sessions.

– In the window that opens, tap OK.

prevent hacking telegram trustsocial

Ways to increase security in Telegram to prevent hacking telegram

It is scientifically possible to hack Telegram, but this requires a lot of study and is not possible with software that can be seen in various sites, and if you are looking for training, you should know that it has such a long way to go that you will regret not starting.

The best way to prevent hacking telegram for ios and android and protect yourself from hackers is increasing the security of your Telegram account. Here are some ways to increase security and how to activate it.

  • Active Two-step verification

One of the methods of hacking Telegram is that hackers try to access the five-digit code for logging Telegram on other devices in different ways, but fortunately Telegram has considered a good solution to this problem. Two Step Verification is one of the effective methods to increase the security factor of Telegram account and prevent hacking telegram for ios and android. This feature prevents another person from logging in to your Telegram account for any reason without your knowledge. So we recommend that you enable it.

Steps to activate Telegram 2-step verification

-Select the Settings option.

-Select the Privacy & Security option.

-Select the Two-Step Verification option.

-Select the Set Additional Password option.

Enter the password you want and touch the tick icon in the top right corner of the screen.

-Repeat the entered password again and touch the tick box in the upper right corner of the screen.

-Enter your email address.

You can skip the recovery email by touching the Skip option at the bottom left of the screen, but to prevent hacking telegram we recommend that you do not do this as much as possible. After entering the email address, touch the tick icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

-In the pop-up window that appears, select OK.

Now you have to go to the recovery email address you specified and enter the email sent to you by Telegram and confirm it and wait for a page with the message Success! Two-Step Verification in now enabled is displayed.

  • Download the Telegram program from reputable sites

Be sure to download the Telegram app for Android and ios from reputable sites, because other markets may edit the app and then put it up for download.

  • Delete anonymous messages

To prevent hacking telegram, do not copy and execute malware texts that have been designed.

Also, do not touch the link that asks for your personal information or the software installation link, and do not install the application, because it may contain malicious code and virus that, after copying or installing it, will infiltrate your phone and your privacy.

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