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Prevent hacking Instagram and increasing security

Prevent hacking Instagram trustsocial

Instagram is one of the largest and most widely used applications in the world; this popularity has led many profiteers to seek hacking other people’s pages and take advantage of them in various ways. So prevent hacking Instagram and increasing Instagram security is very important for everyone.

Hacking people is not easy, but if you do not protect your page properly, they can use your information to hack the page.

For preventing this happening, it is better do things in advance to prevent your page from being hacked and make it very difficult and impossible to hackers. These measures are very simple but they are effective and designed to prevent hacking Instagram.

Some ways to prevent hacking Instagram

1-Choosing a strong password to prevent hacking Instagram

One of the most important ways to prevent hacking Instagram is choosing the right password. Do not use passwords such as <1234> or <QWERTY>. For hackers, finding these codes is very easy. Try to use complex codes, codes that use both letters and numbers. Using<?,!, @ Or # >in the password complicates them, and hackers less access to the password.

2-Enabling 2-step verification

Two-step verification doubles the security of your page. To prevent hacking Instagram, be sure to enable two-step verification for your page. To do this matter, you first need to provide your mobile number to Instagram. After entering the mobile number, you must touch the three-dot button. Then a menu will appear in which one of the options is two factors Authentication. Selecting it and then activate the Require Security Code option. Then in the pop-up window displayed, touch the Turn on option.

By doing this matter, Instagram will give you a backup code after confirmation, which in case you log out of your account and want to log in again, you must enter this security code in addition to the initial password.

3- Having a safe and secure email!

One of the most important ways to to prevent hacking Instagram is having secure email. Imagine your Instagram account and other virtual accounts are connected to your email. In this case, if someone accesses your email, they can access all of your virtual accounts.

You can remove hackers from your virtual accounts by enabling 2-step verification for your email.

4-Blocking your suspicious followers

First of all, we advise you to privatize your page and always avoid suspicious followers. Always check the followers you have on your page and if they are suspicious, block them. In some cases of Instagram hacking, there were followers who visited the it is better always focus on choosing followers. Always update your page to avoid being hacked by followers.

Prevent hacking Instagram trustsocial

5-Avoiding suspicious short links

Many people put short links on their bio page or in the stories, which will take you to another page. Profiteers sometimes use these links to hack the page. If you have a suspicious follower on your page that has one of these links, do not open it. To prevent hacking Instagram, it is better avoid touching short links that you see on various pages and are suspicious of you. Or use URL checking apps.

6-Changing your password once in a while

One of the most effective ways to prevent hacking Instagram is changing your password periodically. If you hacked on social media, You can prevent your Instagram account from being hacked just by changing your password monthly. Password change is used not only for Instagram but also for many apps or even bank cards.

7- Prevent hacking Instagram via password reset

If you received an email from your Instagram asking for a password reset but you did not submit this request before, be sure to contact your Instagram support. To contact Instagram, you need to click on the three-dot icon in the Instagram app and press the report a problem button. Then select the spam or abuse option.

End word

By following the points  mentioned, we can largely prevent hacking Instagram and increase the social media security of our page. Today, a large number of Instagram users face this problem that if they had followed these principles first, they could have prevented this problem from occurring. In many cases, the users own negligence causes profiteers and hackers to enter people’s personal pages and use their personal information. You should not underestimate the security of your page because one of the most used cyberspaces right now is Instagram. Just as you protect your home from thieves, you should also protect your private cyberspace.


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