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Negative effects of Instagram, among Instagram use

Negative effects of Instagram

Instagram, which is one of the most used social networks in the world, has recently been recognized as one of the worst social networks that according to new studies, the negative effects of Instagram have been observed among users.

Initially, Instagram was an attractive platform for sharing photos and artistic ideas. After this social network became popular and its users increased, there were many changes in the performance and nature of this application. After its launch, Instagram was quickly welcomed by the people of the world and has gained a lot of popularity among its users. This social network was so popular that it became even more popular than Facebook, and many Facebook users moved to Instagram in 2010.

However, it should be noted that all social networks, including Instagram, while attractive, have advantages and disadvantages that people should pay attention to using them. In the continuation of this article, we intend to provide explanations about the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram. Despite the appeal of Instagram, people should pay attention to Negative effects of Instagram.

Negative effects of Instagram trustsocial

Some of Negative effects of Instagram

  • Being addictive

One of the main and most important Negative effects of Instagram is its “addiction”. Today, this addiction to Instagram can be seen in young people and teenagers. Addiction to Instagram means that you spend a lot of time in the day without even realizing the passage of time and people around you in the real world. Many people these days are very active on Instagram and are constantly sharing their lives with others moment by moment. This will allow you to spend a lot of time on this program and miss your important daily tasks.

Some other people are addicted to Instagram in such a way that they do not have any activity in it, but they are always checking and bypassing in this program. In general, excessive use of this social network can be destructive in any way, and people neglect to do the vital and daily things of their lives. So pay close attention to the addictive nature of Instagram, which is one of the main Negative effects of Instagram.

  • Existence of unique capabilities only in the mobile version of Instagram

Instagram Web is not well designed and organized mobile version and has many bugs. This means that this social network, like Facebook, is not completely designed for the web, and there are many differences between the web-based version and the application version. Therefore, if you want to use all the attractive features of this program, you must install the application version on your smartphone.

  • People are more likely to be depressed because of their comparison to others

Instagram, for all its goodness, has created a platform for some people to show off in vain. Unfortunately, in the last few years, people have been sharing unnecessary and useless content on this platform, the only purpose of it is showing off. This group of people publish photos and videos that include only the positive and luxurious parts of their lives, and they want to show their followers how good their lives are and how rich they are. And they want to show their followers that they have a good life and how rich they are.

On the other hand, if we know the depth of their lives, we realize that the truth is something other than what they pretend to be. It is better not to be fooled by these posts because it is one of the Negative effects of Instagram is such posts that deceive followers.

So some people who are influenced by these posts and compare the glamorous lives of others with their simple lives experience despair and depression.

  • Ability to create fake accounts

Creating fake accounts on Instagram using other people’s names can be another Negative effects of Instagram. Many people create a fake page with the name of an artist or any other person and they can abuse the name, reputation of that person. For this reason, Instagram added a “blue tick” feature to this platform to reduce fake accounts. Some profiteers also share photos of people in their fake accounts without the permission of the photo owner.

  • Unrealistic expectations of a spouse

There is nothing worse than disagreeing with your spouse, and worse than seeing a new post at the same time with the caption: “My husband is wonderful” or “My husband meets all my needs”, “My husband is half lost”.” While the person who posted this post definitely does not feel that way, and reading these types of captions gives the person the feeling that such a thing is normal. So he/she concludes that his marriage was not a good choice.

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