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How to prevent media file jacking on whatsapp

media file jacking on whatsapp

WhatsApp is a popular messenger app that is easy for users to use. The program has some security features, such as using of final encryption to protect the private message. WhatsApp has its own cryptographic algorithm and its name and functionality are not known to anyone outside of WhatsApp. But generally, all your messages on WhatsApp servers are encrypted asymmetrically, and when it reaches the recipient, it is decrypted and shown to you. However,  social media hacks that target WhatsApp can compromise the privacy of your messages and contacts. Here are the ways to prevent media file jacking on whatsapp will be explained.

What is media file jacking on whatsapp?

One of the vulnerabilities that effects on WhatsApp is stealing through media files or so-called media file jacking on whatsapp. This attack occurs when files are written to the device’s external storage and loaded on the chat page.

The attack begins with installing the malware that is hidden inside a seemingly harmless application. This malware can access received WhatsApp files. When a new file is downloaded, the malware can replace the actual file with a fake one. A company in this field, which discovered the vulnerability, said the method could be used to defraud users or spread fake news.

Ways to prevent media file jacking on whatsapp?

To prevent media file jacking on whatsapp, you have to go to chat settings in WhatsApp. Then find the Save to Gallery option and make sure this option is off. This feature protects you from this vulnerability. However, a proper correction for this issue requires program developers to change completely the method of managing media file programs in the future.

Recently, more than 1.5 billion people around the world use WhatsApp and Telegram. This company alerted Telegram hacking and WhatsApp media file jacking on whatsapp and Telegram vulnerabilities before revealing the security flaw. This company said that the company’s malware detection engines, which power SEP Mobile and Norton Mobile Security systems, detect applications that have bugs.

Whatsapp Said in a statement “We are seriously focusing on this issue and it is related to the impact of file storage on the application ecosystem” WhatsApp always tries the best solutions for storing files on different operating systems and tries to prevent such problems by providing updates in line with changes in the Android platform.

This company has also identified a malicious application called Monogram 2019, which introduces itself as an unofficial version of the Telegram messenger application. Although this application has messaging features and capabilities, but secretly and without the user’s permission, performs malicious actions on the victim’s device

media file jacking on whatsapp trustsocial

The ability to save WhatsApp makes your files vulnerable to hackers

Although apps like WhatsApp have become known for providing encrypted and secure communication, the researchers have found that hackers can use malware to modify files sent through these apps and hack Whatsapp accounts.

In Android, apps can store photos or audio files in internal storage that are only accessible in within the app itself, or they can store files in external storage, in which many other apps will also access to it. WhatsApp saves media by external storage by default, and Telegram does the same if its Save to Gallery feature is enabled.

The researchers say that this design makes it possible for malware to access files sent through these programs, even before the user views the files. If the user has already downloaded a malware and then received a photo through WhatsApp, a hacker can manipulate the photo without the user’s knowledge and even modify the files he has sent.

As mentioned this type of attack is called media file jacking on whatsapp and is known as a security issue. In fact, the possibility of storing files in external memory creates compromises between access and privacy, because it makes programs more compatible with each other and allows easy transfer of files between them, and on the other hand it can serve as a security breach for the user. Cause trouble.

One of the WhatsApp spokesperson said that relocating files not only reduces the app’s ability to share files, but also creates new security issues. He also said that WhatsApp is trying to take advantage of the best features available in operating systems and apply updates in this regard.

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