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How to make a Telegram voice call? ( How to restrict or disable Telegram voice calls?)

make a Telegram voice call

make a Telegram voice call – Telegram is a great application with billions of users and it enables the users to make fast and secure Telegram voice calls.

You can use Telegram to easily call anywhere in the world for free on any device that you use. In the following, you will know about Telegram and Telegram voice calls. Stay tuned to learn how to make a Telegram voice call or how to restrict or disable Telegram voice calls.

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Telegram features

Telegram supports different operating systems. You can use different versions of this application on your tablet, phones running Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Also if you’re using Mac, Windows, and Linux, you can use the PC version of this application. You can even use Telegram on your browser without having to install any applications.

This useful platform is free and it doesn’t charge you for anything. Also, Telegram doesn’t bother you with advertisements, allows you to share your messages, photos, and videos with your friends, and enjoy lots of amazing features.


Features of Telegram voice calls

One of the most important features of making telegram calls is that you can make sure that they’re safe. You can easily make secure phone calls only by encountering four emojis. In addition, Telegram uses voice encodes which increase the quality of your conversations and it can find the closest server to you that allows you to make voice calls very quickly.

This platform has a great infrastructure and is expanding its features more and more every day.

Even if you’re using a poor Wi-Fi connection, you can still make voice calls with the highest quality and you can easily control your calls. You can stop people from calling you by blocking them or disable Telegram voice calls if you want to.

Also, you can even reduce your data storage by using the “Useless data” feature on the settings.


How to make a Telegram voice call?

make a Telegram voice call isn’t that complicated. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your app is updated and you’re using the latest version of it. For using this feature on iOS, you can use a tab that is placed on your home screen or you can even enter the settings and turn on the call tab from the Recent Calls section.

For using this feature on Android, you can use the call tab from the drop-down menu on the left.

Making phone calls on Telegram can be very simple. Even if you don’t open the call tab, you can see a phone icon on your profile page.

If you’re using iOS, you can click on the top bar of a conversation page and make a voice call and in Android, you can see the call feature in the top menu.

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How to disable Telegram voice calls? ( for Android)

As you already know, you can use Telegram to communicate with others and make free phone calls. However, you might not be interested in this feature and want to disable it for various reasons.

To disable Telegram voice calls, enter the Telegram settings, go to the Privacy and Security section, and click on the Call option. Here, you will see some options which are: Everybody, My contacts, Nobody, Always allowed and Never allowed.


Everybody: if you choose this option, anyone can call you on Telegram.

My contacts: if you select this option, only users that have your phone number can contact you on Telegram.

Nobody: if you choose this option, no one can calm you on Telegram and all calls will be rejected.

Always allows: this option means that you can select a few users and allow them to always contact you.

Never allow: this option means that you can stop one or two users from contacting you.

As you can see, you can make exceptions for Telegram voice calls and you’re allowed to control your communication on Telegram.

Note that if you disable Telegram calls, you can still call unknown people because phone call settings on this application are not two-way.

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